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BJP, RSS’s severe attacks on Northeast people, Tripura suffocates in North Korea like situation under Biplab Deb
TIWN May 2, 2019
BJP, RSS’s severe attacks on Northeast people, Tripura suffocates in North Korea like situation under Biplab Deb

NEW YORK / NEW DELHI, May 2 (TIWN): BJP, RSS’s severe attacks on democracy have already fueled “Go Back Modi” slogan in last few months across North East and now massive tortures of common men followed by poverty, joblessness have led chants of “Go Back” Biplab Deb slogan, a son of 1971’s Bangladeshi parents, came back from Delhi before Election and became CM of Tripura against true Tripura people’s will.

 Along with him, he brought divide and rule policy led brutal attacks on unemployed youths, shooting at innocent agitators of Citizenship Bill, BJP led burning of public properties, attacks on opposition, culture vote robbing and removal of traditional linguistic celebrations.

But with an utter shocking development, the last foundation of democracy that is judiciary system which is known as God’s house for a democratic country is under severe pressure from the Chief Minister’s office and police headquarter led the lower court to block Trripurainfoway on yesterday without any hearing, any legal notice. Earlier, central govt also blocked the site, proves the case as politically motivated and fabricated.

Many facebook users, including Congress’s top leader are being inquired, interrogated, arrested illegally without any cause except they shared few news published in local papers.

Election turned total “vote robbing” on camera and Election Commission representatives in State Tripura have acted as BJP, RSS’s agents by sending fake reports to the central election commission. 5 officials were suspended but so far re-poll of the West Tripura was not announced.

Attacks on media have crossed all limitations. At least 61 media persons were attacked in last 1 year severely. Various media houses, newspapers are directly controlled by BJP HQ and Editors unable to proceed with independent journalism.

In this situation Tripura gradually losing all signs of democracy and state people’s conditions are  suffocating just like North Korea people under CM Biplab Deb, who is acting like nation’s enemy, enemy of the people in Tripura.

On yesterday, on the occasion of May Day, poor daily workers screamed at the Govt for massive poverty and workless situation. Journalist Saikat Talapatra was arrested in fake charge under IT act. 

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