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‘High Court, Supreme Court can not judge Public Verdict’ : Motormouth now calls Re-Poll demand a Political issue, not ‘Judicial’
TIWN April 28, 2019
‘High Court, Supreme Court can not judge Public Verdict’ : Motormouth now calls Re-Poll demand a Political issue, not ‘Judicial’
PHOTO : Left : Biplab Deb addressing media at Agartala Airport, Right : Supreme Court of India.

AGARTALA, April 28 (TIWN): After Congress announced to move in Supreme Court in demand of re-poll for the West Tripura constituency held on 11th April, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Sunday after completing Bengal and Delhi visits said that the re-poll demand of Congress is a political issue, unattached from High Court and Supreme Court like institutions. He also said, public votes and verdict do not depend upon Supreme Court’s judgement. “Congress is unable to give polling agents and that’s why they are doing all these”, said Biplab Deb. However, question raises, how the Public will give verdict if their voting right are snatched ? When lakhs of voters could not cast votes, BJP MP candidate Pratima Bhowmik and Additional DGP Rajiv Singh led planning hoisted massive booth capturing, polling agents were beaten inside booths and fake vote casting held in massive numbers on 11th April, Biplab Deb said that at Bengal there is no law and democracy existing.He said, “Mockery of Democracy at Bengal going on under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee”.

“Being a Chief Minister at Bishnupur I could not hold a rally. I was not allowed to conduct road-shows. If this is the condition of a Chief Minister, what about the rest ?”, said Biplab Deb.

“After Communist ruling in last 34 years, people of Bengal changed the Govt in hope of removing the cadre-raj, but after coming in power, not only cadre-raj  but she launched Cadre-Raj, Syndicate-Raj and Bhatija-Raj at a same time”, said Biplab Deb.

On the other side, Congress leaders will meet Election Commission chief Sunil Arora tomorrow and for the last time, they will request election commission to hold a re-poll for the whole West Tripura constituency held on 11th April with around 1200 booth capturing allegations.

CPI-M will launch various protests across West Tripura constituency in demand of repoll in the constituency. 

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