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Fervour and enthusiasm mark Garia puja celebration in Tripura
TIWN April 21, 2019
Fervour and enthusiasm mark Garia puja celebration in Tripura
PHOTO : Garia Puja celebrated at Agartala. TIWN Pic April 21, 2019

AGARTALA, April 21 (TIWN): Garia Puja, the biggest festival of the tribals in Tripura is being celebrated with pomp and gaiety across the state on Sunday.

Thousands of people thronged in to the pandals made with uniquely crafted bamboos to offer their puja and also to participate in the mela and cultural programmes being organised.

Harvest festival by the ethnic tribes Garia Puja is being celebrated by the tribal people of the state on Wednesday. The celebration has begun with the tribal people across the state worshiping “bamboo pole” with flowers and garlands which symbolises the Lord Garia.

Various ingredients are used while conducting the Garia Puja. The ingredients used in the Puja are fowl chick, cotton thread, rice, eggs, rice beer and earthen pots. An important part of the Puja is sacrificing a fowl and offering the blood to the deity.

However the puja is mainly conducted in the rural Tripura on residents of tribal’s and its various tribes. Besides, the tribal residents of the capital city Agartala do conducts the Garia Puja on the places like Krishnnanagar, Abhoynagar, Nine Bullets club and other places.

To mark the day various cultural programmes are also being conducted with the tribal’s also arrange various fair exhibiting decorating items and others.  

This activity is done to please the deity and to seek his blessings. God Garia is worshiped so as to bestow the people with domestic animals, peace, children and wealth. 

The Puja is held to seek blessings. The sacrifice of cocks is an important feature and other important feature is dancing and rejoicing after the Puja. Garia dance is performed by the Tripuris and the Reangs.

Mass gathering can be observed at Amarpur Debbari to worship Baba Garia. Garia Puja is the highest annual religious festival mainly of the Jamatia Tribe the 3rd largest tribe among the 19 tribes of Tripura. ‘Garia’ is another formation of Lord Shiva.

Like every year the stature of Garia is being taken to the every house of Debbari village during the morning time and after that all the rituals and customs are being performed by the Jamatia people. Many sacrifices of goats will be done during the whole day. It is to be mentioned here that Amarpur Debbari is not only gathered by the tribes, but people regardless cast, creed, religion are coming from many parts of Tripura and assembling in the unity of brotherhood.

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