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‘I will again slap if anyone attacks my sister’ : Pradyot Manikya
TIWN April 21, 2019
‘I will again slap if anyone attacks my sister’ : Pradyot Manikya
PHOTO : Pradyot Manikya addressing in a party programme. PC : Social media.

AGARTALA, April 21 (TIWN): Congress President, Royal Scion Prodyot Manikya on Saturday has hit BJP Minister Ratanlal Nath asking him to guarantee that those hooligans who attacked on his sister, MP candidate Pragya Debbarman will not attack anyother woman in future.

 “Yes, I am the Congress President ! But before that I am a son, I am a brother. I will hit again if any similar attack on my sister”, said Pradyoy Manikya while addressing in a rally at Kumarghat rally.

Manikya said, “Hindus are not enemies of the Muslims, Tiprasa are not enemies of Bengalis. Our enemies are our MLAs themselves, who instigate hatred between people. They go to Bengalis and will say that Tiprasa are their enemies, they will go to Chakmas and will say, Reangs are their enemies. Those Tiprasa leaders who are the legends of Tipraland, want action against me, but not against them who attacked a woman……..30  drunk people held attack on my sister and if in future they do so, I will do the same”.

Hitting Minister BJP Minister Ratanlal Nath, Pradyot Manikya said, “His speech against me calling me communal shows his meanness. If you want to be a leader, not 56 inch chest but expand your heart”.

“My sister didn’t want to enter in politics. She said, Politics is dirty. I promised her, I will protect her and based on my promise, she entered in politics. So, I want to say that I will save my sister at any cost”, said Manikya.

“Her no job, no water supply facility but Sunil Deodhar will come from outside and will say his/her home is at Itali……is it a politics ??”, he further asked. 

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