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JUMLA BJP’s Boot-Lickers glorify Biplab-Pratima Crime Empire, silent on Massive Election rigging : CPI-M says, ‘Tripura’s Immature-Chowkidars’ Theft caught Red-Handed’
TIWN April 21, 2019
JUMLA BJP’s Boot-Lickers glorify Biplab-Pratima Crime Empire, silent on Massive Election rigging :  CPI-M says, ‘Tripura’s Immature-Chowkidars’ Theft caught Red-Handed’
PHOTO : Left : BJP hooligans attacking voters on 11th April, Right (Top) : BJP held press meet, Bottom (Bottom): Gautam Das addressing media.

AGARTALA, April 21 (TIWN): BJP’s top bootlicker Ashok Sinha, Ratan Lal are trying his best to save party image after Crime Queen Pratima Bhowmik led rigged booths and benefits of booth capturing. Even after having gross evidences, BJP has selected to befool the Election Commission and complained that all the ongoing allegations against West Tripura poll and allegations against law and order are all fake. BJP spokesperson visited Election Commission of India saying, “All these are oppositions’ intrigue whereas nothing such happened”. On the other side, CEO has allegedly sent wrong report in favour of BJP to the Election Commission. Mocking at BJP’s claims, CPI-M State General Secretary Gautam Das said, what they would say after their theft has been exposed ? “Tripura’s new-Chowkidars exposed while theft”, said Gautam Das. After all these, question raises, why BJP is afraid of Re-Poll whereas BJP MP candidate Pratima Bhowmik has proven as just a criminal who threatened an IPS officer to be murdered on spot and her brother openly rigged booths to booths.

State Election Commission led by CEO Sriram Taranikanti and West Tripura constituency RO Sandeep Mahatme have sent false information to the Central Election Commission. Whereas oppositions were excluded during scrutiny, but in report they said that on 13th April in front of all political persons, scrutiny was done. Tripura Congress has filed a written complaint to Election Commission saying the state Electoral Officers have lied on the fact, whereas no Congress leader was present on that day. In case of CPI-M, just before 15 minutes a call came in a leader’s phone (no written letter) and still one CPI-M representative went as no top leader was present in the local area. But at there all booths pictures were displayed together. Gautam Das in a press conference raised question, how a single person can see all booths together and when in one spot, the CPI-M leader was trying to mention “rigging”, electoral officers asked him not to talk on that time. CPI-M has decided to file RTI and to buy all footage. Gautam Das said, “For the mean of transparency only, modern equipment are being used. Scrutiny was just for name-shake”.

Out of 1679 booths total 864 booth were at least rigged, CPI-M has added a fresh data with the previous complaint and submitted to EC today. Addressing media CPI-M State General Secretary Gautam Das said, “At first 464 booths were reported with total rigging as CPI-M received the full evidences. Then on Thursday, we said that 774 booths were rigged. Today we have submitted all reports to the Election Commission of India mentioning about total 864 booths’ rigging out of 1679 booths, which means more than 50% booths were rigged. In Simna 6, Mohanpur 28, Bamutia 30, Barjala 42 booths, Khayerpur 55 booths, Agartala 21, Ramnagar 37 booths, Town Bordowali 14 booths, Majlishpur 50 booths, Mandai Bazar 19, Pratapgarh 40 booths, Takarjala 1 booth, Badharghat 34 booths, Kamalasagar 28, Bishalgarh 36, Golaghati 17, Suryamaninagar 31, Charilam 21, Boxonagar 5, Nalchar 37, Sonamura 19, Dhanpur 41, Killa-Bagma 26 booths, Radhakishorepur 37, Matabari 45. Kakrabaon/ Salgarh 41Rajnagar 35, Belonia 27, Santir Bazar 23 numbers”.

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