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Tripura Election Rigging : Election Commission verifying footage, evidences, Re-poll for 774 booths in demand
TIWN April 20, 2019
Tripura Election Rigging : Election Commission verifying footage, evidences, Re-poll for 774 booths in demand
PHOTO : A polling agent was removed from booth after beating in Tripura. TIWN Pic April 11

AGARTALA, April 20 (TIWN): Election Commission of India is now verifying the footages and evidences but delay in the probe-process has erupted resentment among the section people who could not cast vote as well as opposition. CPI-M has demanded re-polling in 774 booths with video evidences. The party earlier alleged 364 booths were captured in West Tripura but now said, after collecting more evidences the number of confirmed rigged booths are 774. It has been exposed in media that RO of East Tripura Vikash Singh was forced to sit in a secret meeting with Additional Secretary to the Chief Minister Millind Ramteke aimed to manipulate the poll.

 Election Commission has also sought report of election expenditure of BJP MP candidates of Tripura to stop cancellation of nomination of both the MP candidatesPratima Bhowmik and Rebati Tripura.

CEO Sriram Taraniknati on yesterday holding press meet confirmed security forces to be deployed in huge numbers, but attacks on opposition are still going on. 

Election Commission of India has issued notice to BJP MP candidate, better known as “Crime Queen” for violating election expenditure.

According to report, Pratima Bhowmik has used extra 9 lakhs rupees for her election expenditure.

The East Tripura MP candidate Rebati Tripura of BJP also received a separate notice in same issue. He expended 21 lakhs more than the guideline.

Election Commission of India said that there are huge irregularities in the reports placed by Pratima Bhowmik about her expenditure. Within 7 days, Bhowmik was asked to give answer to the commission.

Pratima Bhowmik’s massive funding for election has arranged from long traditional family business of “ganja smuggling”. Recently, Pratima Bhowmik entered in a Govt quarter even though she is just a political leader.

On Friday, 12th April, 2019 night 3am, Crime Queen Pratima Bhowmik threatened to murder Tripura Police Addl SP Kiran Kumar at Chanmari area, outskirts of Agartala, Addl SP Kiran Kumar was doing his duty to stop organized violence, looting by BJP Lok Sabha Candidate Pratima Bhowmik's criminals. 

Pratima Bhowmik is also accused of multiple murder and having disputed property out of ganja smuggling. 

Today Northeast Now news has reported the incident with the headline, “Tripura BJP LS candidate threatening police officer caught on camera!”

Since the beginning, Pratima Bhowmik started pollution the administration and within one year of the party’s tenure, Pratima Bhowmik destroyed BJP’s popularity, killed all ethics along with her ever-green nexus with drug empire. The ultimate aim ofPratima Bhowmik to be the Chief Minister of Tripura, after she becomes a Central Minister winning Lok Sabha Election. But, Pratima Bhowmik who also murder accused of her own brother’s wife Chabi Debnath was in jail for 3 months back in 2014 but her criminality inside her and the way of operation with terror and violence gives the sense that this BJP’s MP candidate treat each citizen as the murdered housewife of her house Chabi Debnath, didn’t prevent her to tell IPS officer to kill on spot of disruption brings in her criminal operation via BJP’s bike riding hooligans.

She openly said, “"Tereko hum Abhi Mar Dalenge !!!"

Congress has written a complaint to the Election Commission demanding cancellation of Pratima Bhowmik’s nomination cancellation. 

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