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Devotees across Tripura thronged to Tripura Sundari temple for New Year’s blessings
TIWN April 15, 2019
Devotees across Tripura thronged to Tripura Sundari temple for New Year’s blessings
PHOTO : Devotees thronged to Matabari on Pohela Boishakh. TIWN Pic April 15, 2019

UDAIPUR, April 15 (TIWN) : On the occasion of Bengali New year devotees thronged to Mata Tripura Sundari temple for prayers and with the hope for a better new year.

Tripura is however widely known outside the state for this particular temple. People believe that Goddess hear is very powerful and has spread her blessing all over the nation.

That’s why from Union Minister to everyone doesn’t forget to visit this temple once they arrive in Tripura.

On Wednesday, on the occasion of Poila Baishakh, Udaipur Matabari was flooded with the mass gathering of devotees on Bengali New Year. Thousands of devotees coming from various parts of the state had “Darshan” of Mata Tripura Sundari. According to the sources more than 100 shops have been newly made for the Yew Year festivity of Bengali people. Children’s attention could be observed before the toy shops.

Today, no goat sacrificing was held at Matabari, as it was also Ekadashi. The priests have been found busy to help the devotees in completing their “pujas”.

 The ‘darshan’ place was ever-crowded during the whole day. People came and had “darshan” of Mata Tripureswari and lighted candles before the temple. Their devotions can be followed in those numerable left packets and other containers of candles, joss sticks etc. which they threw after using.

Businessmen opened stalls more than 100 today at there.

The Bengali New year or ‘Naba Barsha’ is celebrated in West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and as well as in Bangladesh. Forgetting all the regrets, hope this time our state would proceed towards development and prosperity. 


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