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MP Jiten slams BJP Govt’s ‘BINAS KAAL, BIPARIT BUDDHI’ for Tripura Poll Rigging, Massive violence on April 11, says, ‘People will answer BJP on 18th April’
TIWN April 13, 2019
MP Jiten slams BJP Govt’s ‘BINAS KAAL, BIPARIT BUDDHI’ for Tripura Poll Rigging, Massive violence on April 11, says, ‘People will answer BJP on 18th April’
PHOTO : MP Jitendra Chaudhury addressing press at Dharmanagar. TIWN Pic April 13

AGARTALA / DHARMANAGAR, April 13 (TIWN): CPI-M MP Jitendra Chaudhury on Saturday has slammed BJP Govt led by BJP State President cum Chief Minister Biplab Deb for massive poll-rigging, booth capturing across Tripura on 11th April. MP Jitendra Chaudhury was addressing at Dharmanagar Press Club and challenged that CPI-M will try to prevent all types of rigging in the upcoming April 18th’s election for the East Tripura constituency.Throwing a challenge of defeat of Modi Govt on May 23rd result day, the MP said, “BJP’s poll rigging, violence are nothing but reflections of losing all common senses. It’s said in proverb “Binas-kaal, Biparit Buddhi” and exactly BJP is going in that direction”. “Already we have complained about the poll rigging at Delhi, Election Commission and even though the state CEO Sriram Taranikanti could not yet utter whether the election was peaceful or not, but observers of the Election present here in the state have seen everything. They are well-aware about the poll riggings of 11th April”.

“The observer on being asked by me also said that he is aware of the situations and further he sought suggestions. However, people have seen what is BJP more evidently during West Tripura voting on 11th April. The effect of West Tripura’s undemocratic poll, has also boosted the East Tripura constituency’s voters and it is evident that CPI-M will stand back in this ongoing election itself”, said MP Jiten.

(General Observer of East Tripura constituency R B Prajapati (IAS) has sought action against Additional Secretary to CM Millind Ramteke for pollution democracy in poll hours. In a letter to the Returning Officer, Prajapati wrote, “On daily basis CPI-M candidates are being attacked and their campaign programmes are being disrupted. As per standing instruction of the Commission, the candidates were provided with security cover and their movements were to be videographed. But in many instances there is no such effort, neither have any miscreants were involved in the attacks were apprehended”)

“Our youths are not bad, but they have been badly brain-washed by BJP and thus the BJP supporting cadres are doing all these violences. When democracy is destroyed, no celebration keeps any meaning”, Jitendra Chaudhury said mentioning about the ongoing depressed weather during ongoing Durga Puja.

MP Jitendra Chaudhury also took dig at BJP MLA Biswabandu Sen, who is the speaker of the Assembly for helping Biplab Deb Govt to destroy the democracy in Dharmanagar successfully.

“BJP has lost power of logics and thinking and thus being failed to fulfil any promise, now it has lost its mind too…….it happens just before the destruction”, said MP Jitendra Chaudhury.

He mentioned, Modi Govt has exposed in last one week with Rafale scam, Election funding’s illegal law in the Supreme Court and with the rejection of Election Commission to release Chowkidar’s biopic adding, “It’s just now a matter of time, that Chowkidar’s all corruptions will be exposed”. 

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