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MP Jiten challenged BJP’s 'Booth Capturing', 'Election Rigging' techniques, says, ‘I am East Tripura MP and I will be the MP’
TIWN April 12, 2019
MP Jiten challenged BJP’s 'Booth Capturing', 'Election Rigging' techniques, says, ‘I am East Tripura MP and I will be the MP’
PHOTO : MP Jitendra Chaudhury addressing in Panisagar. TIWN Pic April 12, 2019

Panisagar, April 12 (TIWN): CPI-M MP Jitendra Chaudhury, who is known as the fearless leader has openly challenged Biplab Deb Govt in a public meeting at Panisagar that his corrupt machinery can not snatch his MP seat from him by poll rigging. “I am the MP of the East Tripura seat and I will remain the MP to represent my people in the Parliament and will be working for people in coming days also”, said MP Jitendra Chaudhury. He referred various incidents where he was attacked by BJP, IPFT but faced the attack with courage. Slamming the corrupt machinery of Biplab Deb Govt for rigging the whole polling procedure, MP Jitendra Chaudhury said, “The minority community were not allowed to vote saying they are not Indians, people were beaten across the state. The voting of 11th Apri in West Tripura has indeed surprised people. Videos, footage of election rigging spread across the country and other states’ people have expressed surprises whether such level of rigging was held in reality ?”“Lok Sabha Election is the biggest ever democratic practice of the country where the majority decides the Govt which will lead the country in next 5 years, but how the election was done on yesterday everybody knows”, said MP Jitendra Chaudhury.Jitendra Choudhury is a member of the Communist Party of India and has won the Indian general elections, 2014 from the Tripura East.

At the 22nd Communist Party Congress in 2018, he was elected as a member of the central committee. He is current president of GMP, the Jana-Jati wing of the party.

akhs of voters in Tripura could not cast their votes on Thursday due to open poll-rigging through out polling hours, whereas many had to press on lotus in front of BJP supporters. Public have slammed CEO Sriram Taranikanti, DGP A K Sukla for promoting BJP’s gathering to capture booths by sending off all security forces from the West Tripura. Massive poll rigging, attacks on opposition voters, supporters have hit democracy today in Tripura. The new generation had never seen that much of violence in Lok Sabha Election what they have seen today. CEO Sriram Taranikanti, DGP A K Sukla not only acted as puppets of Biplab Deb and West MP candidate Pratima Bhowmik but lost the trust of public forever.

Congress, CPI-M have demanded re-polling in the rigged constituencies. CPI-M has demanded 464 booths’ re-polling.

With viral proves, evidences State Tripura is reeling under shocks as lakhs of voters could not cast their votes, polling agents were removed from booths, beaten. Over hundreds of people were injured, hospitalized.

In front of police, security forces, electoral officers opposition polling agents were removed from the booths, but State Election Commissioner Sriram Taranikanti so far stayed muted and police under DGP A K Shukla has proven nothing but a puppet of BJP. Since yesterday the violence started across towns and villages today in front of presiding officers the booths were captured, polling agents were beaten before  CCTV camera.

Infact, BJP supporters alleged that they were asked to press on the No-1 button which is lotus. Before the election, Pratima Bhowmik already said, “My BJP supporters will become booth’s Chowkidars and Jamanat-Jabd of the opposition will be made sure”. Chief Minister Biplab Deb also in open public gathering declared that he will teach a lesson to the opposition in this election. Even after telling the Election Commission again and again, CEO Sriram Taranikanti has failed to control the law and order and allowed the so called “Chowkidars” to capture booths.

There is no lack of evidence of massive poll rigging in Tripura which can be challenged in court anyway.

Across West Tripura, security forces were withdrawn on the polling day in Tripura led mass poll rigging across the State.CPI-M State General Secretary Gautam Das has slammed the State Election Commission and Central Election Commission for allowing poll rigging since the early morning.Inside the booths one or two securities were present and the roads were totally blank.

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