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Congress counters Modi’s JUMLA-claims on 10 points of ‘development’
TIWN April 9, 2019
Congress counters Modi’s JUMLA-claims on 10 points of ‘development’
PHOTO : PM Modi addressing at Udaipur (Tripura). TIWN Pic April 9

AGARTALA, April 9 (TIWN): Congress in a counter attack to Modi’s letter to Nation point by point raised Modi’s claims and the real fact.

The “claims” of Modi and “counters” by Congress are as follows:

1)Every Indian family got a bank account due to Jan DhanYojana (claim) : 15% of the PMJDY accounts have zero balance (counter)

2) 50 crore Indians got health insurance under Ayushman Bharat: 50 crore Indians got health insurance under Ayushman Bharat

3) 40 crore people in the unorganized sector can avail pension coverage: 1. No Allocation: In his budget speech, interim FM Piyush Goyal said an allocation of Rs/ 500 crore was being made for pension benefits to 10 crore workers. The budget books had no allocation to this scheme. Further, the allocation to Atal Pension Yojana was only Rs 205 crore. 2. Basic maths incorrect: At a monthly contribution size between Rs. 100 and Rs. 55, the average contribution would be Rs. 77.5 that needs to be contributed by the government too. At an annual spend of Rs. 930, the government would be able to cover roughly only 54 lakh people assuming a Rs 0 spend on administration.

4) We are close to 99% sanitation coverage, against a mere 38% in 2014: • A government study found that nearly 6 out of 10 toilets built by the government under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan do not have proper water supply, making them unusable.

5) MUDRA enables entrepreneurship among the youth: Bad loans under Mudra Yojana have jumped almost 53 per cent to Rs 14,930.98 crore during the first nine months of the current financial year 2018-19. • In 2017-18, close to 90% of the loans had an average size of Rs 24,840, which is completely inadequate for even one job, let alone 2-5 as claimed by the Prime Minister. Only 2% of PMMY loans were greater than Rs 5 lakh under which employment conceivably could be generated from the returns of the loan.ii

6) Pace of construction of roads and railway lines has doubled: Nitin Gadkari led Ministry of Road Transport and Highways changed the method of calculating roads constructed from just kilometers of linear construction to total amount of construction across lanes

7) Jan Dhan Aadhaar and Mobile has weeded out over 8 crore fake beneficiaries and prevented leakages of more than 1 lakh crore: Savings or exclusion? The Aadhaar system has led to the exclusion of many from the beneficiary net. The lowered expenditure has been touted by the government as "saving". a. PAHAL: In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, the government claimed that Aadhaar linking weeded out 3 crore fake LPG connections and saved the government Rs 26,000 crore upto December 2016; CAG Audit of the scheme showed that 92% of the saving was due to fall in global prices of LPG. b. PDS: 50% of starvation deaths since 2014 have been linked to Aadhaar related denial of services. c. National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP): As on June 2016, the Rajasthan state government announced a saving of Rs 600 crore by having declared 2.97 lakh pensioners dead and 1.7 lakh as duplicates. It must be noted that failure to open a bank account or enrol in Aadhaar was grounds to strike these beneficiaries from the list.

8) 1.5 crore homes built over the last 5 years: The 2019 budget speech document of the government notes that only 63 lakh houses have been constructed. The gramin component of the scheme has seen the completion of 38.20 lakh houses since its launch in 2016.

9) 18,000 villages have been electrified: UPA electrified 1,08,000 villages. At an average of 12000 villages were electrified per year. On 26th May 2014; only 18,452 villages were without electrification. BJP government completed this at an average of 4,813 villages per year, taking two years more that it would have taken the UPA to complete the task.

10) The world sees the potential in India and we have seen a record rise in FDI: 1. FDI hit a 5 year low in 2017-18 2. Withholding Data: FDI Statistics released by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce. Previously brought out every quarter, has not been released since June 2018.

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