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‘SC’s four Judges' press conference should not be forgotten’ : Manik Sarkar
TIWN April 4, 2019
‘SC’s four Judges' press conference should not be forgotten’ : Manik Sarkar
PHOTO : Manik Sarkar addressing at Shyamali Bazar. TIWN Pic April 4

AGARTALA, April 4 (TIWN): Former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar recalling four justices’ press conference on January, 2018, said one of the four justices are now Supreme Court’s Chief Justice.

“Holding a press conference the judges said the ongoing incidents inside the courts are not normal. When journalists asked why the judges are disclosing court’s inside matters to outside, they said that they are bound to the common men and liable to answer them”, said Manik Sarkar.

He further criticized Modi Govt’s attempt to manipulate the Judicial system.

“The weapon of democracy that is judiciary is today severely attacked”, said Sarkar.

Four senior judges of the Supreme Court on January 18, 2018 mounted a virtual revolt against the chief justice, listing a litany of problems that they said are afflicting the country’s highest court and warned they could destroy Indian democracy. The unprecedented move at a joint news conference by the four judges including Justice J Chelameswar, the second senior judge after the Chief Justice of India, left the judiciary and observers stunned, leaving uncertain how this open dissension in the hallowed institution would be resolved.

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