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Crime Queen challenged 'Jamanat Zabd’ of opposition in LS Election, asks BJP Karyakartas to be ‘Booths’ Chowkidars’ on April 11, April 18, Massive Poll rigging expected
TIWN April 3, 2019
Crime Queen challenged 'Jamanat Zabd’ of opposition in LS Election, asks BJP Karyakartas to be ‘Booths’ Chowkidars’ on April 11, April 18, Massive Poll rigging expected
PHOTO : Pratima Bhowmik addressing at Santir Bazar. PC: Social media.

AGARTALA / SANTIRBAZAR, April 3 (TIWN): Crossing all limits of basic democratic manners as MP candidate, violating Election Commission’s guidelines, Crime Queen, BJP’s MP candidate Pratima Bhowmik has challenged to ‘Jamanat Zabt’ of the opposition candidates in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election and asked kariyakartas to be “booth Chowkidar” on April 11 and April 18. “Getting two dates for Election, it has become more easy for us. Modi is the Chowkidar of the country and BJP kariyakartas will be the chowkidar of all booths”, said Pratima Bhowmik while addressing in Santir Bazar at the area of local MLA Arun Chandra Bhoumik. After 96% illegal, by force winning of in local body elections, now it is clearly evident that BJP is planning to launch massive election rigging to bag both seats in the Lok Sabha Election. Pratima Bhowmik’s similar statements were complained again and again to the Election Commission but till now, no action against her has been taken.Tripura election to be conducted in two phases April 11 and April 18 for West and East Tripura constituencies.

She further said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not allowed a single women to become widow and a single mother to lost her son”.

Her statement came one day after one CPI-M leader was killed in political motivation. Till day at least 6 CPI-M leaders were killed in last one year of Biplab Deb Govt. While addressing in a gathering at Santir Bazar, Pratima Bhowmik said, “CPI-M was proud who always said with pride that like CPI-M no other party is having organizational strength. People of Tripura have broken that pride. This election is not of anyone else. This election is Modi Ji’s election. Our Chief Minister Biplab Deb said I have nominated girl-candidate and that’s why all women will vote for BJP. Before Modi Govt formed at Centre only corruption and corruptions held at centre” She further asked people to remember Rajib Gandhi like Prime Ministers who alleged that if he sends rupees only 15 paisa reaches to the common men, but “today Chowkidar is here in state and whatever is sent people get as it is”.

Pratima Bhowmik’s statement on no-corruption in state was contrary just to the viral video released on yesterday where BJP local leader of Kamalpur was seen extorting moneys.

Controversial BJP leader Pratima Bhowmik who divided BJP in two parts in last one year and turned BJP from most popular to most hated party in Tripura has left with no other option to win election democratically.

Across Tripura massive violence are going on, specially in the West Tripura as Bhowmik is the candidate of this seat, which was expected. 

Pratima Bhowmik’s hooligans under her brother Biswajit Bhowmik and 1 day after her rival CPI-M MP Shankar Prasad Dutta was attacked by BJP, Pratima Bhowmik said, “We are living in Independent Tripura and you ask the communist also, there is no violence in this state now. In last one year, we are able to breath”.

“Earlier we heard India is poor country whereas now Modi Govt has reduced poverty and all sections of people are living in a certain standard as Modi Govt could give various facilities to poor successfully”, she added.

Pratima Bhowmik was allegedly responsible for attacks upon opposition in last 1 year where above 2000 opposition activists were seriously injured and 6 were killed and many people’s houses, properties were burnt. Also she without having any official position directly controls official matters of Biplab Deb’s Govt. Top BJP leaders have resigned from party after BJP nominated her as MP candidate.

Her family properties right now if scanned would be quite odd to her profession as a social activist. 


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