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‘Home Dept left paralyzed since one year by Biplab Deb, upright officers unable to operate independently’ : MP Jiten
TIWN March 30, 2019
‘Home Dept left paralyzed since one year by Biplab Deb, upright officers unable to operate independently’ : MP Jiten
PHOTO : Left : MP Jitendra Chaudhury addressing media. Right : CM Biplab Deb visited police stations at Agartala.

AGARTALA, March 30 (TIWN): MP Jitendra Chaudhury while addressing live in facebook has blamed Chief Minister Biplab Deb for all the ongoing violence in the state, as he is not only CM and Home Minister but also the party president of BJP. “Since one year, Biplab Deb has kept the Home Dept paralyzed. Due to his direct interference, from DG to OC nobody is able to work neutrally as one action with neutrality may cause massive damage to these police officers”, said MP Jitendra Chaudhury. MP Jitendra Chaudhury said that in West Tripura highest ever attacks are being taken place, whereas Govt from local body polls to Lok Sabha election has failed to control the ruling party sponsored violence.“Lok Sabha election is the highest important election, where leaders are elected to make laws but what is going on across the state in the extreme level of goondagiri and expression of fear about people.“In last 1 year whatever is happening in Tripura raise finger at the Chief Minster only. When controlling law and order and discussion with opposition should be the grade of politics, but only attacks are going on across Tripura and unfortunately under BJP no opposition is able to practice democratic rights and police are unable to play neutral role”.

“In the Home Dept there are many upright officers who wants to play the neutral role, but due to Biplab Deb’s direct interference they can’t accomplish their duties. Criminals are roaming free, no action is taken against them even after committing crime. So as a CM, Biplab Deb is also a liar”, said Jitendra Chadhury.

He further told Biplab Deb, “It may be true that being a new comer, inexperience in politics you became the CM. In many programme out of pride you boast how you became CM at very minimum experience but we have no problem with that. But, due to your inexperience you don’t have right to attack on opposition, otherwise it will not be good for your future and also state’s future”. 

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