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‘JUMLA Kaka’ Jishnu woke up after long silence from Madhav Bari violence over CAB, seeks ‘Tiprasa’ vote banks under ‘Sab-ka-sath, Sab-ka-bikas’ matra
TIWN March 29, 2019
‘JUMLA Kaka’ Jishnu woke up after long silence from Madhav Bari violence over CAB, seeks ‘Tiprasa’ vote banks under ‘Sab-ka-sath, Sab-ka-bikas’ matra
PHOTO : Jishnu Dev Verma addressing in Tripura United Indigenous Peoples Council gathering. TIWN Pic March 29

AGARTALA, March 29 (TIWN): JUMLA mania now crippled so called clean character Jishu Deb Barman who for the sake of BJP’s money, now compromised with criminals like Pratima Bhowmik. Although one year of BJP Govt rattled rural economy and unemployment toll broke records, BJP Deputy CM Jishnu Dev Verman has sought Tiprasa vote banks while addressing a mass gathering of indigenous people at Agartala Rabindra Bhawan premise.Jishnu Debbarma said, “It is unfortunate that our both MPs are CPI-M. They were MPs for years, but could not bring anything for Tripura. Just like CPI-M, if you vote for Congress then they will be sleeping in the parliament, but BJP will do talks and as well as complete the work (‘ham baat vi karega, kam vi karega’)”.If both the MPs were from BJP then Tripura’s face could be changed today having both state and centre a same govt.Jishnu Dev Verman further said, BJP will win the election at centre and so by voting for BJP people will be benefited.

However, BJP’s West Tripura candidate is a tainted background holder Pratima Bhowmik who has been accused of killing own brother’s wife and one BJP MLA Surajit Dutta had accused her for having nexus with drug empire. The East Tripura BJP MP candidate is a new face before media Rebati Tripura. 

The gathering was held under “Tripura United Indigenous People’s Council”, whom Jishnu Dev Verman urged to vote in the Lok Sabha Election.

Jishnu Dev Verma’s speech came after he didn’t face the Tiprasa people for long since January 8, 2019, when protesting over Citizenship Amendment Bill agitation called by NESO, Tripura Police had indulged in illegal brutal firing under Home Ministry of Biplab Deb on youths which left 6 youths serious.

Even though Judicial investigation was demanded but BJP Govt remained strict to ‘Magisterial Investigation’ which didn’t satisfy the basic queries related to Madhav Bari violence including attack on ambulance by police to burning of public properties by non-Tiprasa politically motivated mob.

Today, while addressing the gathering before Rabindra Bhawan, Jishnu Dev Verma was silent on the CAB issue but raised question, “Congress was there at centre for 10 years, why didn’t renamed Agartala Airport ? That was done by BJP”.

“Rahul Gandhi came in Tripura and signed paper whereas for 10 years he didn’t sign anything. In 1992, an all party meeting was held in Tripura and signed mutual papers for Tiprasa rights but he signed as opposition leader on that time and after one year CPI-M came in power it was in power till 2018, but where is that paper ?”

He also added, BJP will develop Tiprasa with ‘Sabka Ka Sath, Sab Ka Bikas’ matra and urged people to vote for BJP.  

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