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BJP Crime Queen’s new JUMLA pitch, ‘For Women Empowerment, India had to wait for 68 years after Independence till Modi came in power’
TIWN March 29, 2019
BJP Crime Queen’s new JUMLA pitch, ‘For Women Empowerment, India had to wait for 68 years after Independence till Modi came in power’
PHOTO : Pratima Bhowmik addressing at Banamalipur. PC: Social Media.

AGARTALA, March 29 (TIWN): Tripura is witnessing since 12 months an era of Crime, Violence organized by Pratima -Biplab’s evil intentions to destroy democracy. According to Crime Queen, BJP”s West Tripura MP candidate Pratima Bhoumik, from Indira Gandhi to Lata Mangeshkar, nobody was great enough as before 2014 Indian women could not prove themselves. “Only PM Modi gave freedom and the actual deserved place to women after a long wait of 68 years of country’s independence”, such has been claimed by BJP’s Crime Queen Pratima Bhowmik who has been accused of killing her own brother Biswajit Bhowmik’s wife, for which BJP top leaders didn’t want her as Assembly Election candidate back in 2018 but out of pressure from Biplab Deb she was put at Dhanpur constituency which was assured-defeat of BJP.

Top BJP national leadership source said, Pratima Bhowmik who is locally hated for that murder was rejected from getting MLA-ticket. 

Today in a party programme at Banamalipur constituency, Pratima Bhowmik said, “Women are great and India has been a mother-centric country but women were hardly used for michil, meetings etc but never any position was give, Indeed 68 years after independence women had to wait for getting the empowerment. PM Modi is the true leader who actually did for women either its Ujjwala Yojna or PMAY”.

However, the women leaders empowerment came when sidelining qualified, presentable leaders in the party, under Biplab Deb’s support she managed her ticket.

Day night Biplab Deb is campaigning for her whereas Rebati Tripura (East Tripura candidate) has been sidelined.

Pratima Bhowmik is not only accuse of one murder but  BJP MLA Surajit Dutta himself brought serious allegation against her saying she had nexus with drug empire. Resigned BJP Vice President Subal Bhoumik after joining Congress asked, if Surajit Dutta was wrong then why BJP is silent over his allegation.

Statewide massive violence has been sponsored specially in the West Tripura. Day night attacks are going on against CPI-M West Tripura MP Sankar Prasad Dutta. On yesterday also a party office of CPI-M was burnt. Such crime started since the election result day under Pratima Bhowmik’s leadership. Bhowmik is also known as the de-fatco home minister of Tripura.

Recently in another programme, Pratima Bhowmik said that Tripura’s “Prapti Yug will start” after she becomes the MP.

Pratima Bhowmik was allegedly responsible for attacks upon opposition in last 1 year where above 2000 opposition activists were seriously injured and 6 were killed and many people’s houses, properties were burnt. Also she without having any official position directly controls official matters of Biplab Deb’s Govt. Top BJP leaders have resigned from party after BJP nominated her as MP candidate.

She is the main cause, along with CM Biplab Deb led party’s indiscipline situation. Pratima Bhowmik has submitted nomination today for West Tripura’s MP seat for BJP.

She is also the general secretary of State BJP, was defeated in last Assembly Election with Manik Sarkar at Dhanpur constituency.However, she is quite controversial figure in Tripura politics was the accused of her own brother’s wife’s murder. Few more cases were lodged against here during CPI-M era for anti-social works.

Also BJP MLA Surajit Dutta has alleged her nexus with drug mafias of the state. At the same time, Pratima Bhowmik has disputed property which is unmatched with her earning.

BJP Vice President Subal Bhowmik who should be the asset of BJP has resigned after BJP nominated Pratima Bhowmik as MP candidate. 


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