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BJP’s Criminal brigade led by Krishnadhan Das attacked CPI-M Lok Sabha candidate : CPI-M filed FIR, complained to EC, Biplab, Pratima’s Terror spree breaks down Tripura’s Law & Order, CEO mute spectator
TIWN March 25, 2019
BJP’s Criminal brigade led by Krishnadhan Das attacked CPI-M Lok Sabha candidate : CPI-M filed FIR, complained to EC, Biplab, Pratima’s Terror spree breaks down Tripura’s Law & Order, CEO mute spectator
PHOTO : Attack on CPI-M at Gandhigram by BJP, Photos inset : Biplab Deb, Pratima Bhowmik. MLA Krishnadhan Das. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, March 25 (TIWN): CEO / Election Commissioner Sriram Taranikanti’s weak role in protecting Opposition Party candidates from BJP Govt’s state sponsored crime spree, CEO’s failure of tightening grip over BJP aligned Police administration now raising doubt of free & fair Lok Sabha Election. BJP’s top criminals Pratima Bhowmik, MLA Krishnadhan Das already started crime spree and attacking Oposition party candidates. BJP MLA Krishnadhan Das was directly involved behind the attack on MP Sankar Prasad Dutta and the CPI-M filed FIR against Das.

At least 5 violent attacks took place on CPI-M activists on Sunday centering MP Shankar Prasad Dutta’s visit in local areas.Footages are shocking which are showing in the presence of police how attacks were taking place. In a video a CPI-M supporter was seen taking out of the vehicle by BJP hooligans to be beaten. CPI-M leaders led by MP Shankar Prasad Dutta, Pabitra Kar have placed a deputation to the ECO Sriram Taranikanti. 

CPI-M has lodged FIR against BJP MLA Krishnadhan Das along with few more attackers as 1) Kajal Dey, 2) Ujjwal Ghosh, 3) Bisnu Deb, 4) Dipak Ghosh, 5) Bisajit Acharjee, 6) Prasenjit Ghosh, 7) Babul Sarma, 8) Subrata Das, 9) Indrajit Achajee.

Along with BJP MLA these miscreants attacks CPI-M members brutally at Gandhigram leaving injured Suni Chndra Saha, Uttam Saha, Bikramjit Paul Nanugopal Pal

Following the trend of last two local body elections where opposition faced severe attacks, now once again with paralyzed law and order situation finger has raised against most crime tainted BJP’s General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik. Crime Queen Pratima is the West Tripura candidate and also the attacked MP of CPI-M Shankar Prasad Dutta is contesting in West Tripura.

Pratima Bhowmik had submitted nomination on Friday and after submitting nominations for the West Tripura seat being asked by media whether vote division will cause losses to her possible winning, replied, “This is CPI-M’s propaganda of vote-division. But BJP will not be affected by all these. Time has not come for all such discussion, let’s wait for 15 years”. Pratima Bhowmik is right now the most controversial political figure in Tripura has directly and indirectly destroyed BJP’s image in Tripura and tops leaders of BJP have already started quitting the party after BJP nominated her as MP candidate.

Pratima Bhowmik was allegedly responsible for attacks upon opposition in last 1 year where above 2000 opposition activists were seriously injured and 6 were killed and many people’s houses, properties were burnt. Also she without having any official position directly controls official matters of Biplab Deb’s Govt. Top BJP leaders have resigned from party after BJP nominated her as MP candidate.

She is the main cause, along with CM Biplab Deb led party’s indiscipline situation. Pratima Bhowmik has submitted nomination today for West Tripura’s MP seat for BJP.

She is also the general secretary of State BJP, was defeated in last Assembly Election with Manik Sarkar at Dhanpur constituency.However, she is quite controversial figure in Tripura politics was the accused of her own brother’s wife’s murder. Few more cases were lodged against here during CPI-M era for anti-social works.

Also BJP MLA Surajit Dutta has alleged her nexus with drug mafias of the state. At the same time, Pratima Bhowmik has disputed property which is unmatched with her earning.

Her family made multi-crores properties in last 1 year which is abnormal and matter of inquiry.

One criminal cases is yet registered against her as Case No-19/2014 117/04/2017 with SC.302/34/IPC May-8.

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