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‘You are not working for Party, you are working for yourself just like me’, Biplab Deb tells BJP kariyakartas
TIWN March 23, 2019
‘You are not working for Party, you are working for yourself just like me’, Biplab Deb tells BJP kariyakartas
PHOTO : Biplab Deb motivated BJP kariyakartas at Suryamaninagar. TIWN Pic March 23

Suryamaninagar (Tripura), March 23 (TIWN): Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Saturday while addressing at Jana-Samparka programme of BJP said that he didn’t work for BJP but he worked for ownself. Biplab Deb said this when he was addressing to BJP kariyakartas at Suryamaninagar in Jana-Sampark programme, where he was taken to energize the kariyakartas ahead of Lok Sabha Election. According to Biplab Deb a person loves ownself the most and in the same way whenever there is any lack of attention from the expected person, it hurts him/her. “We often think, why are we not being promoted even after working for the party. If you are not getting promotion in party then stand before the mirror and realize why were you not promoted. Must be you could not complete the task given to you”, Biplab Deb told party activists. He also asked the kariyakartas not to think negatively that what would happen after working for the party as all are working for own betterment.“Because I could meet the expectation level of leaders and became close to people, so I was made the CM in the same way Ram Prasad Pal (local MLA) also works for own area’s development”, he said.He also said, this time after election when Modi will come in power then India’s face will totally change.

“In last 5 years, Modi has stable the foundation whereas just building creation is left which will automatically happen in next 5 years”, he said.

“Along with whole India, Tripura will also develop and the aim of making Shrestha-Tripura will be fulfilled”.

However again breaking protocol, Biplab Deb asked which women there got Ujjwala Yojna and when a woman replied, he said, “Because Modi is there, you got this. Earlier also Prime Minister was there. They also talked about poverty reduction but they could do anything such like Modi”.

“In Tripura 2.36 lakhs people got the same gas connection. So, when Modi is there free gas connections are reached”, said Deb.

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