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‘Biplab Deb is Shameless, Spineless, Low-grade, Ignorant’ : TIWN Editor
TIWN March 23, 2019
‘Biplab Deb is Shameless, Spineless, Low-grade, Ignorant’ : TIWN Editor
PHOTO : Left : Attack uponTIWN published in Dainik Statesman. Right : Biplab Deb.

AGARTALA, March 23 (TIWN): TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar in a live telecast has exposed once again Biplab Deb led BJP’s criminal empire mentioning, the criminality of Biplab Deb is of very ‘low grade’ which doesn’t spare even senior citizens like the Editor’s parents from being harassed by police and then Govt loses its face in High Court.The Editor raised question, what kind of ruling is this where an Ex-Minister Bhanulal Saha was slapped by ruling party hooligans ?

He also calling Biplab Deb a fraud asked where are those Rs. 2 lakhs checks given to the martyrs families of Pulwama attack ? Where is the financial aid which was announced for legendary artist Thanga Darlong and using whose name Biplab Deb did lot of politics to strengthen BJP but Thanga Darlong could not receive Padma Sri due to financial crisis.

In the same way, BJP Biplab Deb’s cheating exposes when no 50000 jobs could be given, no smart phone can be given, no 50000 ducks can be given whereas Biplab Deb claimed use of 1 crore’s taxpayers money to give 2000 ducks, just to get votes like fraud.

“In case of 10323 teachers and contractual employees same intrigue was played before election, but if any media writes any news, they receive a call from the BJP leaders like Pratima Bhowmik”, said Sarkar.

“Nobody is so low-grade, shameless and spineless like Biplab Deb and there is no reason that people should vote for him. Now, it is also a question, why amid various objections, resentment the tainted Lok Sabha election candidate Pratima Bhowmik was nominated which led the BJP leaders to quit party”, said Sarkar.

The Editor also said, Tripura’s politicians have no future in BJP and as a result the landslide in BJP has started. 

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