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Congress warns Biplab Deb to deliver ‘dignified speech’
TIWN March 22, 2019
Congress warns Biplab Deb to deliver ‘dignified speech’

AGARTALA, March 22 (TIWN): Tripura Congress has slammed BJP President of Tripura, cum CM for calling former BJP Vice President Subal Bhowmik a broker and fox.

“The Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee has found through media reports that BJP’s Tripura Pradesh President and Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb used objectionable words like ‘broker’, ‘sly fox’ and ‘thief’ while speaking about the Congress party and return of former BJP Tripura vice president Subal Bhowmik to Congress”, said Congress.

“We, at Tripura Pradesh Congress, vehemently condemn these  unparliamentary use of words from the honourable Chief Minister, which is most unbecoming of a leader of his stature. We challenge him to prove in pen and paper any of his allegations or offer an unconditional public apology to the Congress party and Mr. Subal Bhowmik”, said Congress in a statement.

“Defections are but a common practice in politics and anyone who wishes to legally join any political party and work according to its Constitution, believing in its ideology, are welcome to do so. The Indian Constitution grants the right to free practice of political activities to everyone. However, as seen in several instances, BJP is intolerant to the individual rights and freedom of people and burst out in frustration whenever anyone leaves their party. Mr. Chief Minister seems to have forgotten that not long ago, his party swelled by defection of supporters of other political parties, who simply wished to get rid of the tyrant Left Front government”.

Mr. Deb was also quoted in the media to have said that Congress and CPI (M) was involved in nexus and ‘befooled’ people of Tripura. He also said that Congress did its duties as opposition political party for namesake.

We would like to remind the honourable Chief Minister that Congress has raised genuine issues of public interest and opposed CPI (M) during its long tenure of tyranny and oppression and lost hundreds of dedicated Congress-men at the hands of Communist goons, much before his party gained any footing in Tripura’s political landscape.

We would like to remind Mr. Deb that Congress was the only political party to have opposed CPI (M) in and out of the Assembly for a very long time and did its duties in the opposition with diligence, honesty and integrity.

We are rather pained to find out that the incumbent Chief Minister and former Chief Minister share an uncanny love and affection, which is often found to soften their criticism of each other. We find this ‘unholy nexus’ a dangerous trend for democracy and for the integrity of the holy legislative Assembly.

“We find the honourable Chief Minister uncourteous, unparliamentary and ignorant of the decorum of dignified speech. So, we condemn his words and demand an immediate public apology from him for the Congress party. Otherwise, Congress shall take his real face in the public and build a massive movement in near future”, said Congress.


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