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Tripura celebrates Dol-poornima : The festival of Rangoli
TIWN March 21, 2019
Tripura celebrates Dol-poornima : The festival of Rangoli
PHOTO : Dol Purnima celebrated in Tripura. TIWN Pic March 21

AGARTALA, March 21 (TIWN) : Dol Poornima, a major festival of Hinduism, has been celebrated across the state.

This festival is dedicated to Sri Krishna. On this auspicious day, an image of Krishna, richly adorned and besmeared with colored powder (Abir in Bengali), is taken out in procession, in a swinging palanquin,  decorated with flowers and colored clothes and papers.

 The procession proceeds forward to the accompaniment of music, blaring of conch shells, trumpets and shouts of 'Jai'.

The festival is also known as 'Dol Jatra', 'Dol Purnima'or the 'Swing Festival'. 

Here in Tripura the devotees took turns to swing them while women danced around the swing and sing devotional songs.

 Throughout the procession men keep spraying coloured water and colour powder, 'abir' at them. 

The festival is dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna. The Bengalis consider Dol Purnima as a very auspicious day and celebrate the day with great fanfare.

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