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Motormouth Biplab claims BJP made a poor boy like him CM, but his EC affidavit says, ‘Jobless Biplab had over Rs 1 crore property before election’
TIWN March 20, 2019
Motormouth Biplab claims BJP made a poor boy like him CM, but his EC affidavit says, ‘Jobless Biplab had over Rs 1 crore property before election’
PHOTO : Left : Biplab deb's affidavit, Right : Biplab Deb addressing in a party programme at Pratapgarh. TIWN Pic March 20

AGARTALA, March 20 (TIWN): Motormouth’s loud mouth once again erupted, provoking laughter. After BJP Vice President Subal Bhowmik resigned from BJP accusing BJP a party of total anarchy and unorganized, full of unqualified people, Biplab Deb has slammed him saying he was a broker and that’s why could not stay with BJP till the end. Biplab Deb said, in Congress to become CM or PM one has to be so rich like Rahul Gandhi but today Modi like PM and Biplab Deb like CM are existing in readily and both of them are poor. “If a poor boy from Jamjuri can be made a CM, then how can BJP be an undemocratic party ?”, said Biplab Deb. Recently, BJP General secretary Ram Madhab also said that only Biplab Deb is such a leader who directly became Chief Minister after taking party membership.Also Biplab Deb didn’t mention about his profession in the Election affidavit. In pre-election Election Commission affidavit, Biplab Deb claimed as a ‘Social Worker’ as his profession has shown over Rs 48 lakhs Bank Deposits, Land investments over Rs 54 Lakhs totaling over Rs 1 Crore whereas his wife Deputy Bank Manager of SBI Parliament Branch Niti Deb’s Bank Deposits are a meagre Rs 25 Lakhs.

Biplab Deb’s investments in land in Udaipur and Delhi raises the question that how come a physical trainer so called Social Worker amassed such a large wealth over Rs 1 Crore ?  TIWN youtube link for Biplab Deb's speech

Biplab Deb's affidavit to Election commission in January 2018 mentions Rs 47,56,595.22 cash deposits and another Rs 54 lakhs total land investments.

There are various past histories of Biplab Deb which are now on public focus. One of the most crucial is Biplab Deb’s Citizenship.Regarding the Citizenship and Biplab Deb’s family’s India arrival year are varied from mouth to mouth.3 persons of a same family member have given various data on their India arrival from Bangladesh. The family belong to none other than Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb himself.

Biplab Deb said, his father came in 1964 and in another day, he said it was 1968.Biplab Deb’s mother said that that she came pregnant in 1971 in Tripura whereas her husband was missing and came later just before Biplab’s birth.

But in the Citizenship Certificate of Biplab Deb’s father it’s saying he came in 1967 raising question who is telling truth ? Father’s certificate, mother or Biplab Deb ?

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