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Tripura’s Crime rates increased over 20% in BJP era : Report
TIWN March 10, 2019
Tripura’s Crime rates increased over 20% in BJP era : Report
PHOTO : BJP celebrates 1 year of Govt formation. TIWN Pic March 9

AGARTALA, Feb 10 (TIWN): Even though Chief Minister Biplab Deb claimed that crime rates has been decreased in BJP era, but the records say a different story.Whereas in 2017 total only 3,894 cases had been registered in various police stations, in 2018 the number has spiked up 5,663 triggering a nation-level tension on Tripura’s law and order.125 kidnapping of girls recorded in last year from April to November. In 2017 the number was 81.A sharp increase also recorded in miscellaneous cases which from 2017’s 584 cases, increased to 1,027 cases and the number of non-IPC cases also rose from 155 to 593.There was also a spike in the murder and road accidents numbers.Law and order has been deteriorated to that level that former Minister was slapped but Chief Minister and his party never reacted on that.Oppositions , media are facing the worst consequences in Tripura under BJP ruling and state turned a narcotic den under BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik and her smuggler brother Biswajit Bhowmik.Tripura has witnessed the most undemocratic govt for the first time in state’s history. Increasing crimes as mob-lynching, rapes, murders are in one side, but the major threat is, the ruling party itself has been engaged to break the law and order everyday.

A former Minister was slapped, opposition top leaders to supporters and their family members were attacked brutally, attacks upon opposition leaders on peak, people’s houses were burnt, but all such activities left without any action as the whole crime episode has been controlled by Chief Minister Biplab Deb and party general secretary Pratima Bhowmik. In case of drug empire, Pratima Bhowmik herself is controlling the narcotic den here.

BJP already lost its mass support under criminal Pratima Bhowmik and behind each attack in the party offices and opposition supporting houses, it was only Pratima Bhowmik who directs the whole crime. 

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