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E-Rickshaws will function as it is, Govt enacts new rule
TIWN March 9, 2019
E-Rickshaws will function as it is, Govt enacts new rule
PHOTO : Law Minister Ratanlal Nath addressing media. TIWN Pic March 9

AGARTALA, March 9 (TIWN): According to High Court’s order Govt of Tripura has brought new rule for e-rickshaws to continue the e-rickshaw service in state.

Addressing media, Law Minister Ratanlal Nath said, on 19/2/2019 High Court of Tripura gave a verdict saying either regulate some law or close e-rickshaw.

“We have observed 28,000 rickshaw drivers are in Tripura, whereas 90% of them are E-rickshaws. If those e-rickshaws are restricted from operations, the their livelihoods will be snatched. Thus we have formed rules and regulations in their favour”, said Ratanlal Nath.

“We have changed the previous rule without changing the previous act. Under the new rule, it’s said that the rickshaws will ply on urban and semi urban areas, sub-urban areas. Those rickshaws which don’t come under Motor vehicle act they will come under this act”, Nath told media.

But the rickshaws should have registration, 1 registration for one person, age minimum 18 , PRTC, fitness certificate from Municipality for the e-rickshaws, blood group of the driver should be given.

No need of buying-certificate for rickshaws as many people gather or make rickshaws locally.

Police would not control the rickshaws operations, but Municipality will control.

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