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Crime Queen's attempt to re-label herself under 'Intellectual women achievers' failed : Dipa Karmakar, Tithi Debbarman to many greats skipped program
TIWN March 9, 2019
Crime Queen's attempt to re-label herself under 'Intellectual women achievers'  failed : Dipa Karmakar, Tithi Debbarman to many greats skipped program
PHOTO : Poster displayed showing Pratima Bhowmik as icon of Tripura.

AGARTALA, March 9 (TIWN): Ahead of Election, Crime Queen Pratima Bhowmik is in full wave to prove her a great charactered lady, even though major legal accusations were labeled on her time to time, including killing own brother Biswajit Bhowmik’s wife. BJP MLA Surajit Datta already publicly labeled Pratima Bhowmik's involvement in Phensedyl Smuggling alongwith her accomplice Tapas Ghosh, owner of Ramnagar based Sukh Santi Mistanna Bhandar .

A poster was given in the city where the organizer was bound to post BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik’s picture immediately after gymnast icon Dipa Karmakar’s photo on the occasion of “International Women’s Day”.

A political figure’s photo was never published with state’s icons earlier, whereas BJP has changed the rule for Bhowmik, against whom BJP MLA Surajit Datta himself brought allegation of being involved in drug-phonsedyl-smuggling through by her close persons as Tapas Ghosh.

The programme was scheduled to be held at Sukanta Academy and state’s women icons were invited. However, on yesterday’s programme Dipa Karmakar, Tithi Debbarman and many more intellectual women had skipped to attend.

Pratima Bhowmik, the de-facto Home Minister of Tripura is involved instructing BJP activists and goons from attacking, burning of oppositions’ houses to party office bulldozing.

She also time to time conducts meetings in govt offices. On yesterday in a Govt programme on Child Development under ICDS she occupied the stage as the chief guest, whereas she has no role with the administration.

But due to the blessing of Chief Minister Biplab Deb, from helicopter ride to all other facilities are available for her comfort.

Claimed as a social worker, before the election, Pratima Bhowmik submitted having 50 lakhs of property in the affidavit to the election commission and after BJP came in power, the savings multiplies. At the same time, his brother Biswajit Bhowmik’s property also raised as trippers costing crores were bought to continue narcotic smuggling.

Also recently, Biplab Deb has freed all Bangladesh’s trucks to enter 3 km inside state without stoppage or checking.

With such a criminal back, Pratima Bhowmik was labeled as an icon of the women but Tripura Public rejected her, which was nothing but an insult to all women of Tripura. However, except few many invited women didn’t attend her programme.

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