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Biplab’s Lunacy, JUMLA Cheatings, rampant Crimes, Corruption, Highest 30.9% Unemployment, attacks on Media marked BJP’s 1 yr misrule ! Public anger erupts across State against ‘BATPAR’ Brigade
TIWN March 9, 2019
Biplab’s Lunacy, JUMLA Cheatings, rampant Crimes, Corruption, Highest 30.9% Unemployment, attacks on Media marked BJP’s 1 yr misrule ! Public anger erupts across State against ‘BATPAR’ Brigade
PHOTO : Pic 1 : Tripura CM Biplab Deb, Pic 2 : Biplab Deb became State BJP President in 2016, Pic 3 : Job fair conducted, Pic 4 : 6 youths injured in police firing. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, March 9 (TIWN): Motormouth Biplab Deb, Crime Queen Pratima Bhowmik driven Tripura BJP’s 1 year turned an era of JUMLA cheating, crimes, attacks on media, opposition, destruction of Democracy. BJP’s misrule had started with massive attacks on opposition and media. From 40 years old ‘Daily Desher Katha’ newspaper’s publication halts to attack on TIWN ( , cowardly act of blocking website, Biplab Deb led BJP Govt went at the extreme level of suppression the fourth pillar of democracy. Any person or any media spoke against the corruption of the Govt, faced tough times and what surprised the state was a person Dipak Debnath was arrested just because he shared Tripurainfoway’s news in his facebook page. TIWN related people, journalists, photographers including Editor's senior citizen parents came under severe attack of Bilab Deb as he sent his police officers to harass them over 20 times. There are cases going on against police's illegal activity in High Court and more are ahead.

 State Govt was that much desperate that not only tapped the personal phones of the journalists but also police illegally targeted TIWN Editor and sent a notice to TIWN’s domain to shutdown it. When the domain authority denied to shutdown TIWN website, then at Centre, then the Central Govt blocked TIWN misusing the power at Delhi which all are cowardly acts of Biplab Deb & Pratima Bhowmik’s criminal coterie.

Unemployment problem can be the major problem for the BJP in coming days which has been doubled in last 1 year. Frustration against the BJP Govt went high in last 1 year and the Govt image has left just as a JUMLA-Govt. BJP which promised to give 50000 jobs in the first one year, is totally silent about it, whereas 1 year has gone without recruitment. Instead of recruiting, all the existing jobs under the Left Govt was cancelled by the BJP Govt.

Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) website which has been unemployed youths eye-centre for decades have published only 5 notifications in last four months (November, 2018 to February, 2019) but with an irony all the notifications were subjected to reminder of postponing or cancellation of jobs. All the notifications shocked the job aspirants in the last four moths after a year-long holding of those jobs in the name of “postponing”.

BJP’s Vision Document unfurled by Arun Jaitley, it says in page 6 Point No-7, “There are about 50,000 vacancies in the state government. We will fill up all these vacancies within a year through a transparent process”. Earlier even though in CPI-M Govt’s time, BJP day-night lamented crocodiles tears for unemployed youths and fooled with JUMLA promises, today in an order Finance Dept said that Tripura having the “highest numbers of Govt employees” and there is no need of any more Govt employee unless the posts are vacated by surrender or retirement.

Social pensioners are tensed MGNREGA mandays were slashed and huge numbers of contractual employees have already been dismissed.

Crime and corruption both have increased, says data and national review revealed that drug consumption has been doubled. 

Biplab Deb turned a massive failure in this 1 year as BJP lost its voter base due to non-stop JUMLA Cheatings.

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