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Only Minister Sudip Barman submits Performance-Report Card on BJP Govt’s 1 yr completion : Biplab Deb failed to place any report card, a massive failure as CM
TIWN March 8, 2019
Only Minister Sudip Barman submits Performance-Report Card on BJP Govt’s 1 yr completion  : Biplab Deb failed to place any report card, a massive failure as CM
PHOTO : Minister Sudip Barman placed report card of 1 year performance. TIWN Pic March 8

AGARTALA, March 8 (TIWN): Eventhough it was Chief Minister Biplab Deb who innovated the idea of report card placing before masses under the slogan of “Jabab Dao Sarkar”, but only one Minister of the cabinet Sudip Barman could place the report card of his department, whereas Biplab Deb couldn’t place his report card yet. Also today one programme of Minister Sudip Barman was cancelled under an intrigue for the second time by Biplab Deb’s dept. Sudip Barman placed the report card for the second time as after 6 months of completion he had submitted report card, but no other Minister has placed any report card of performance till day. Addressing media, Health Minister Sudip Barman said, “BJP-IPFT Govt has completed its first year in Tripura. In the one year, four departments under my Ministry 1) Health, 2) DWS, 3) IT, 4) Science, Technology and Environment have also completed various projects”. At first Sudip Barman placed the Health Dept’s report card which says, “Health Dept of Tripura has 125 sub-centre, 112 primary health centre, 122 CHC, 12 SDH 6 District hospitals".

"We also have GB, IGM hospitals with high quality medical treatment. Health Dept is lined up with sections as 1) Director of Health Service, 2) NHM, 3) Director of Family Welfare, 4) Director of Medical Education. From April 2018-January 2019 under health dept 35,66,928 patient at outdoor and 3,45,517 indoor treatment was done. In the same way, the Minister gave details of each sector’s patients numbers and treatment type including deliveries and surgeries. Also expenditures were also given with details.

Total 116 Doctors were recruited, 2 neurosurgeons and 1 consultant, 1 senior consultant, 1 senior anesthesiologist were recruited.Also more appointment letters were distributed, to be recruited shortly. Nurse and technician recruitments are going on.

The Minister also said that Govt has notified Doctors to prescribe generic medicine. ICU at GB was made free of cost, water ATM services have been started across various hospitals.

For Ayurvedic service’s development, Govt has taken massive initiative.

E-Blood Bank has been started.

At the same time, various trainings are going on for doctors and nurses. Biometric attendance system has been started.

In DWS Atal Jal Yojana over 7000 people were benefited already with free water connectivity and also water purification works are going on and other projects are also in hand.

Also science city construction has been taken in hand along with Sukanta Academy’s development as Space gallery etc initiatives have been taken.

Then the Minister also handingover his all dept’s performance thanked the officers who worked with him to implement the projects. 

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