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Anti-Modi wave in NE over CAB
TIWN March 5, 2019
Anti-Modi wave in NE over CAB

AGARTALA, March 5 (TIWN): Two moves of BJP at national level proves the party and its Govt are anti-indigenous.

One was the controversial citizenship amendment bill which Modi Govt attempted to pass by hook and crook, whereas oppositions’ joint protest, agitation have stopped the bill the passed in Rajya Sabha.

On February 20, Supreme Court has declared verdict on a writ petition filed for Forest Act and Wild Rights, but it happened as Govt didn’t ask Tribal-Welfare-Dept to place any report on that.

“The verdict said that 75 years old paper and proof should be placed in land-rights favour, whereas it is not possible for people to show practically in Tripura.Since Kings era, such things were not taken care. SC has asked states to submit action-taken-report which means through forces these people will be outcast”, it was said by MP Jitendra Chaudhury further warning a national earthquake.

On yesterday MP Jitendra Chaudhury led Ganamukti Parishad held a protest at Kanchanpur with various demands from wage hike to mandays hike for MGNREGA, to clear pending bills for ADC development and exposing the intrigue of Govt for evicting the Jana-jati people.

CPI-M at the national level will file a review petition on Supreme Court’s verdict on Forest Land eviction which has caused crores of people’s uncertain future.

With verdict tensions have erupted in Tripura as lakhs of people will be affected due to that. However, later BJP State Govt has also appealed for review petition on SC’s verdict understanding the Lok Sabha election is knocking the door. This decision came after BJP President Amit Shah’s order. 

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