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‘2,000 ducks will be given to Neermahal locals’
TIWN March 1, 2019
‘2,000 ducks will be given to Neermahal locals’

AGARTALA, March 1 (TIWN): Among so many pending verbal promises to be filled, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb's another major promise of gifting 50,000 ducks has been listen which he promise to dedicate for villagers across Neermahal on August 27. However even though on that time Chief Minister Biplab Deb has promised 50000 ducks will beautify the Neermahal, now he declared 2000 ducks will be given in the first layer. When 48000 ducks will be given and when 50000 ducks to float on Neermahal it’s unknown. Biplab Deb said while addressing in the Assembly.

After 12 months of the announcement no govt order was served by the State Govt.

In similar way more pending promises as to create 7 lakh jobs in next 30 months, traffic lights, project with river Howrah in each corner of the state are pending.

In 1 year of Governance, rather than any achievements only lectures continue to befool the masses came from Biplab Deb.

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on August has blamed his rival CPI-M as people of Tripura is no more rearing ducks and chickens at homes further announcing 50,000 ducks to villagers.

He also came under national media limelight after said, ducks releases oxygen

"50,000 hens will be given by the Govt for the locals of Rudra Sagar (Neermahal lake) area", CM said. He also mentioned those ducks will be 'white' in colour and it will increase Rudrasagar's beauty. 

But after 12 days of passage no press release was given by the govt, rather Biplab Deb became viral after he said ducks swimming releases oxygen in water.

"Ducks not only increase Oxygen but it also it helps to grow the fish fast. It helps in recycling and thus fishes automatically get the feed", Biplab Deb said.

However, after 1 years of completion only 2000 ducks were permitted to give.

In the same way, Among 26 lakhs youths, around 14000 youths may get smart-phones this year at Rs. 3500 price.The calculation came from CM Biplab Deb’s statement who said Rs. 5 crores have been kept for 14000 graduates this year.BJP in its Vision Document promised to give smart phones to youths which however should be of 26 lakhs. 

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