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‘Before 10 years India even couldn’t think to attack Pakistan’, claims Biplab Deb, compares Modi with Shibaji & Rana Pratap
TIWN Feb 27, 2019
‘Before 10 years India even couldn’t think to attack Pakistan’, claims Biplab Deb, compares Modi with Shibaji & Rana Pratap

AGARTALA, Feb 27 (TIWN): After biggest ever terror attack had shaken India and various media houses from national to international already asking enough evidence of killing Pakistani militants, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb said that India is developing, earning honours worldwide under Modi Govt whereas before 10 years also people couldn’t think about that India would attack Pakistan. Biplab Deb claimed, India’s growth rate is now bigger than China and this is the exact way Modi is working the way had shown by Netaji, Rana Pratap, Shibaji, Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Even though Netaji to Rabindranath Tagore nobody appreciated RSS’s divisive policy and always propagated message of unity, harmony diversity, but Chief Minister Biplab Deb has claimed that Modi can be compared as the only PM working by these leaders’ ideologies. Further, Biplab Deb slammed CPI-M for not supporting BJP leaders in the Assembly in thanking PM Modi for his developmental works.

In Tripura’s last 11 months people saw the darkest episode of democracy with various attacks under criminal politics, but Deb in addition has added, ‘Previous CM Manik Sarkar’s work was to go to office and sleep, but the new Govt is not like the before’.

On yesterday, BJP national leader Sunil Deodhar has called India’s first Prime Minister and freedom fighter Jawaharlal Nehru as “Nikamm” (idiot) after IAF’s strike on Pakistan.

BJP’s fake Desh-Bhakti drama, but with huge preparation, BJP instead of thanking Indian Air Force (IAF) started propaganda of BJP in full wave and Bhakts were seen burning fire crackers in middle of the road causing huge traffic jam since yesterday morning. Also BJP held a rally with picture of Nrendra Modi and Sunil Deodhar, Tripura BJP incharge called Nehru as “Nikamma” for making ‘Pak-Occupy-Kashmir a realty “POK was due to Jawaharlal Nehru’s Nikammapan’. Chief Minister Biplab Deb has also claimed due to PM Modi’s leadership, whereas BJP yet to accept intelligence failure of India Govt which led 40 jawans martyrdom.

Also there is no assurance from Modi Govt that India will not see anymore such deadly attack like Pulwama attack which has been marked as “worst ever”. However, politicizing of IAF’s achievement was expected to hide Govt’s intelligence failure led Pulwama attack.

But, Biplab Deb compared India’s strike as America’s counter strike on terrorists amid lack of evidence of 300 terrorists’ killing and instead of thanking IAF, from beginning to end of his speech Biplab Deb praised only PM Modi as responsible for IAF strike. 

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