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BJP’s Budget 2019-20 kept nothing for unemployed youths, 50000 Govt jobs in 1-year JUMLA frustrates unemployed youths : Arun Jaitley, Ashok Sinha, Himanta Bishwa cheated Tripura Youths on 11th Feb,2018
TIWN Feb 27, 2019
BJP’s Budget 2019-20 kept nothing for unemployed youths, 50000 Govt jobs in 1-year JUMLA frustrates unemployed youths : Arun Jaitley, Ashok Sinha, Himanta Bishwa cheated Tripura Youths on 11th Feb,2018

AGARTALA, Feb 27 (TIWN): Unemployment tension has been spiked up across Tripura. BJP’s vision document Resentments spiked up as budget 2019-20 has kept nothing for unemployed youths rather 58% budget was kept for salaries, pensions.No job creation, vacant post was announced.Instead of recruiting, all the existing jobs under the Left Govt was cancelled by the BJP Govt. Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) website which has been unemployed youths eye-centre for decades have published only 5 notifications in last four months (November, 2018 to February, 2019) but with an irony all the notifications were subjected to reminder of postponing or cancellation of jobs.

All the notifications shocked the job aspirants in the last four moths after a year-long holding of those jobs in the name of “postponing”. 

BJP’s Vision Document unfurled by Arun Jaitley, it says in page 6 Point No-7, “There are about 50,000 vacancies in the state government. We will fill up all these vacancies within a year through a transparent process”. 

In a notification No.F 9 (2) FIN (G)/ 2017/ 711 dated December 17, 2018 Chief Secretary L K Gupta said, “Tripura has the highest level of Govt employment in the country. 

Union Minister Arun Jaitley, Assam Minister Himanta Bishwa, Tripura BJP’s spokesperson Ashok Sinha on 11th Feb,2018 just 1 week before Assembly Election(Election held on 18th Feb) cheated Tripura’s lakhs of voters by releasing all FAKE promises filed Vision Document at Agartala’s Sonar Tori Hotel with the sole purpose of luring votes.

The level of employment is double in Tripura in compare to the states like Meghalaya. Needless to say, there is need to be extremely prudent in the matter of further recruitments”. 

The notification further says, “Creation of posts will be strictly depend of availability with budgetary resources with Department concerned. Each dept has a number of posts created in the past, which are vacant and no longer required. Hence whenever a department submits a proposal of post creation it should be accompanied with surrender/ abolition of posts with equivalent financial  implications”. In the order it was also mentioned if rules are not followed, then dire consequences will be seen.

Chief Minister Biplab Deb on his maiden visit to Delhi after swearing-in gave an interview to Times of India(ToI) Journalist Mohua Chatterjee promising 7 lakhs Job creation within first 30 months which was published to ToI & many other national media on March 23,2018. 

National media & TIWN were skeptical on Biplab Deb’s gigantic claims but after 9 months of poor governance it is crystal clear that Chief Minister only thrown FAKE promises to fool media & masses as nowhere near 7 Lakhs Job creation is possible within 30 months. 

Resentments have been brewed among the unemployed youths as not only TPSC but all the Govt Depts have cancelled ongoing recruitments erupted massive frustration.

On Monday, 484 TSR job aspirants went to Minister Sudip Barman’s quarter premise after they roamed from this door to that door. The Govt didn’t say anything about their confusions whether to recruit them or not.

Tripura unemployment rate is now 30.9%, highest ever percentage of Tripura’s history. It was 9 to 15% in CPI-M Govt’s time which has been double this month.

Every year graduates are passing out and the whole 2018 was left as a job-dry era and recruitments were stopped in Govt Depts and this year also, the Govt is showing light interest to recruit new people.

Moreover, by Govt notification it was warned to various departments not to recruit new people except any retirement. In this situation, resentments are fueling across.

Recently, the Govt also cancelled TET examinations for over 3000 posts. BJP’s promise of 50000 Govt jobs in first year spares only 20 days for fulfilment as on next month 9th day, BJP Govt will cover its 1 year of Governance. 

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