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‘Northeast facing severe attacks by BJP, RSS, States from Arunachal to Tripura are burning’ : Rahul Gandhi
TIWN Feb 26, 2019
‘Northeast facing severe attacks by BJP, RSS, States from Arunachal to Tripura are burning’ : Rahul Gandhi
PHOTO : Rahul Gandhi addressing at Guwahati. TIWN Pic Feb 26

AGARTALA / GUWAHATI, Feb 26 (TIWN): National Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday has kicked off election rally in Northeast. Addressing a mass gathering from Guwahati in Assam, Rahul Gandhi slammed the Modi and RSS for causing dangerous attacks on Northeast tradition and culture and at the same time initiating internal clashes between various communities across the states under Northeast. Rahul Gandhi said, “India has two types of ideologies right now. One the one side, there are messages of 'Anger' and 'Hatred' spread by BJP, RSS and on the other side, there are Congress and People of India who are standing with 'Love' and 'Brotherhood'. Today Northeast is undergoing everyday attacks by BJP and RSS. Just few times back, I met the injured youths of Arunachal who are the victims of BJP, RSS's violence. They are the part of that attack which are taken place in Northeast day-to-day by the BJP on their lifestyles, tradition and language. Not only Arunachal, but whole Northeast from Tripura to Meghalaya, no state was spared by the BJP from its attacks”. Tripura Congress President Pradyot Manikya also shared the dais with other Northeast leaders.

Rahul Gandhi further said, such internal clashes were never in Northeast, until BJP came at Centre in 2014. Showing an example of brotherhood, Rahul Gandhi put all Congress leaders from Northeast under a big same Topi (Assam’s traditional hat) and said, “This will be the environment of Northeast under Congress. You can see nobody under the hat is fighting”.

Gandhi further assured, “I will not all the Chowkidar to attack upon Northeast culture and tradition”.

With a major promise to Assam, Rahul Gandhi said, BJP Govt removed the special category status of Assam but Congress will return it.

He further promised unemployment allowance, to restore “Northeast Industry Policy” (was removed by Modi Govt), to end flood problem, Technical Institution Centre of Northeast in Assam and all Education loans’ waiving of unemployed youths.



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