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‘Tripura Governor is a liar : How can he say FULL 7th Pay commission given in Budget Speech when only 0.32 factor of 7th CPC given by BJP-IPFT Govt’ : Gopal Roy hits JUMLA brigade
TIWN Feb 26, 2019
‘Tripura Governor is a liar : How can he say FULL 7th Pay commission given in Budget Speech when only 0.32 factor of 7th CPC given by BJP-IPFT Govt’ : Gopal Roy hits JUMLA brigade
PHOTO : Congress held Raj Bhawan Abhiyan at Agartala on Feb 25, 2019. Photo inset : Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Feb 26 (TIWN): Congress leader & former State Congress President Gopal Roy has challenged Tripura Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki on his budget speech false claim on 7th CPC . Gopal Roy while addressing media in Raj Bhawan Abhiyan on Monday had expressed surprise how a Governor of a state can lie in Assembly ? “Governor’s speech means State Govt’s statement but even though not even 1% of 100% of the 7th pay commission wasn’t given, but the Governor has claimed it was given. No allowance, no facility under vision Document was given”, Gopal Roy told media further terming the claimed 7th pay commission as a JUMLA-Commission. Even though in the name of 7th Pay Commission, employees and pensioners were fooled in Tripura with 0.32 factor hike and effect was given from 2018, October (Before Election BJP promised the effect will be from 2016, January), but Governor has claimed BJP Govt in Tripura has given 7th Pay Commission to the employees.

Gopal Roy has mentioned, “CPI-M Govt’s 2.25 factor hike raised 19.68% of salaries of the employees and after 0.32 factor hike by BJP Govt has raised only 14.2% of the whole salary. In case of pensioners for gratuity state Govt’s has allocated 10 lakh whereas in case of Centre (7th CPC) it’s 20 lakhs. How house rent can be 3000 only ? Many things are in 7th CPC but nothing has been given including 9% DA which are pending.The effect from 2018, October has further hit the employees badly whereas 2016, January was promised as the effect before election. Indeed the Jumla Govt has mass cheated with fake Vision Document”, Gopal Roy added.    TIWN YouTube Link for  'Congress leader Gopal Roy said, Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki lied in the Assembly about 7th Pay Commission implementation' 

However, Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Monday said that 7th Pay Commission is underway and the scale was given and slowly all will be given.

After BJP led State Govt had announced "Tripura Pay Matrix 2018" claiming it's the recommendation of 7 CPC based on 7 months long researched Verma Committee's report, Tripura Congress, CPI-M both had slammed the Govt accusing "fooling the employees/pensioners in Jumla-Style".

On Monday, Gopal Roy has bluffed the BJP Govt claimed pay-revision for employees as 7th Pay Commission.

Earlier, CPI-M MP Jiten Choudhury has hit the ruling BJP Govt for variations in its promise and actual works and CPI-M Ex-Law Minister Tapan Chakraborty pinched the Govt for its failure to “doubling salaries”. 

Also by announcing the Pay Matrix with effect of 2018, October (not 2016, January) has caused a massive losses to the pensioners as well as employees". "In words they promised many things, but in work a total dissimilarity has been spotted. Now, Gopal Roy has stated 1% of 100% of the 7th CPC was hardly implemented.

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