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BJP promised 7 lakhs youths smartphones but now plans only 14000 phones at Rs. 3500 : Another JUMLA ?
TIWN Feb 26, 2019
BJP promised 7 lakhs youths smartphones but now plans only 14000 phones at Rs. 3500 : Another JUMLA ?
PHOTO : Budget 2019-20 placed in the Assembly. TIWN Pic Feb 25

AGARTALA, Feb 26 (TIWN): 14000 youths may get Smart-Phones this year at Rs. 3500 price by State Tax money. In the budget shockingly Rs. 5 crores were kept for smart phone expenditure for 14000 youths, whereas the fund was to be sanctioned from BJP's party fund or Delhi. Even though just like 50000 ducks promise at Neer Mahal area, this SMART Phone promise would become a JUMLA, but question raised, how come BJP Govt is using state tax money to distribute smart phones which was promised by its party ? There are 20 lakhs of youths in Tripura and in four years how 20 lakhs of phones to be arranged ? Will they be organized from state-budget which has been looted by taxing people in last 11 months ? However, among 20 to 26 lakhs youths, around 14000 youths may get smart-phones this year at Rs. 3500 price.The calculation came from CM Biplab Deb’s statement who said Rs. 5 crores have been kept for 14000 graduates this year.

BJP in its Vision Document promised to give smart phones to youths which however should be of 26 lakhs, but shockingly after one year only Rs. 5 crores were sanctioned from tax-payers money from state Tripura.

Finance Minister Jishnu Debbarma while placing budget, said that as per the BJP's pre-poll promise, the government has also initiated giving free smart mobile phones to all students who have completed their graduationAmong other programmes, he said the process has been initiated for providing 10,000 cows (two cows per family) to women members of 5,000 families to boost milk production, while Rs 200 per month would be given to the families residing along the roads for maintaining roadside plantations which "would make Tripura a beautiful state and attract the tourists.

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