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‘Modi Govt’s aim is to destroy the Democracy & Constitution’, Congress says ‘Lok Sabha Election is battle for Azadi’ : Congress Party’s massive protest rally demoralize JUMLA Party
TIWN Feb 25, 2019
‘Modi Govt’s aim is to destroy the Democracy & Constitution’, Congress says ‘Lok Sabha Election is battle for Azadi’ : Congress Party’s massive protest rally demoralize JUMLA Party
PHOTO : Congress marched Raj Bhawan Abhiyan in Tripura. TIWN Pic Feb 25

AGARTALA, Feb 25 (TIWN): Congress in Tripura kicked off a massive protest rally here in Agartala on Monday under ‘Raj Bhawan Abhiyan’ protest banner as a part of marching from Congress Headquarter to the Raj-Bhawan. The rally led by Nana Patole, the first national leader to join Congress from BJP, Congress State President Birjit Sinha, former State President Gopal Roy, Working President Prdyot Manikya and other state Congress leaders. Congress’s rally was comprised of massive gathering of Congress supporters today. Addressing at the mass gathering near Raj Bhawan, Nana Patole motivating the Youth Congress members saying, “Under Modi Govt Constitution is under severe attack. Modi Govt’s aim is to destroy people’s constitutional rights. Today unemployed youths must acknowledge the devastation done by Modi in the name of jobs and from house to house calls must begin for reestablishing the Congress Govt again in country. It’s duty of Congress youth supporters to propagate Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi’s ideologies who have worked to save the constitution".

"But RSS, BJP’s aims have been always to destroy the constitution and to shoot every protesters by bullet. It’s a fight for azadi (freedom fight), fight for democracy”, he added. 

Congress former State President Gopal Roy referring ongoing Assembly Session, slammed the Governor of Tripura Kaptan Singh Solanki that he lied in the Assembly claiming that 7th Pay Commission has been implemented in Tripura, whereas not even 1% of the 100% 7 CPC wasn’t given.

Gopal Roy further said, in 2019 Rahul Gandhi led Congress Govt will come and along with whole nation, in Tripura also farmers’ loans to be waived. 

Addressing at the rally, Congress President of Tripura Birjit Sinha said, “Congress will waive loans of small-scale businessmen, unemployed youths and farmers. The BJP-IPFT Govt didn’t give us permission for the rally first and we told police, whether they give permission or not, we will have this rally”.

Birjit Sinha further said that Congress Govt will start schemes as minimum income for everyone in India once Congress comes in power by starting unemployment allowance. He further took a dig at State BJP-IPFT Govt for slashing MGNREGA works.

Praising Nana Patole, Sinha said that he is the first men who joined Congress leaving Modi led BJP understanding the anti-people policy of that party.

Congress State President further said that for the indigenous people it is only congress Govt which had shown seriousness, either implementing Forest Rights Act or making ADC.

Addressing media, Congress Working President Pradyot Manikya said, “Tripura is having various kinds of problems across hills and towns. But point is, Tripura has lot of problems and frustrations. This rally is a kind of agitation shown against the BJP-IPFT Govt as an expression of public resentment”.

Being asked by media, whether Congress has any internal party clash, Pradyot Manikya said, “I think BJP has internal problems right now, not Congress”.

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