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Is BJP’s lakhs of unpaid bills main reason behind denying NOC to Sonar Tori Hotel ?
TIWN Feb 20, 2019
Is BJP’s lakhs of unpaid bills main reason behind denying NOC to Sonar Tori Hotel ?
PHOTO : Hotel Sonar Tori. TIWN Pic Feb 19

AGARTALA, Feb 20 (TIWN): Questions are now mouths to mouths why the Fire Dept allocated the No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Sonar Tori Hotel for long 11 months and after 11 months, suddenly it has withdrawn it ?

There are informations that lakhs of bills are pending touching crore in the Sonar Tori Hotel covering from last year’s election campaigning of BJP to various birthday celebrations.

But the main problem erupted after CM Biplab Deb’s coteries as OSD Sanjay Mishra, Dilip Roy and few more were stopped for anymore Biriani service form the hotel as lakhs of bills they mounted in the restaurant.

The restaurant is a separate business-corner in the hotel and that’s why that bill  was asked from the Govt but Finance Dept couldn’t cite any reason before clearing those pending bills.

In this condition when argument erupted, finally by the power of “being in power”, BJP Govt allegedly directed the Fire Dept to withdraw the NOC of the hotel.

From Biplab Deb to Pratima Bhowmik’s birthday celebration to each meeting of BJP has been conducted in the hotel.

At the same time, Big Bazar was also closed, which had seen BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik’s red-eyes after observing one-day strike on January 8, 2019.

Including all recently shutdown episodes at least 200 people have left jobless in the city. 

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