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Be careful Facebook users : Tripura girl’s account was hacked to prove her Anti-National
TIWN Feb 19, 2018
Be careful Facebook users : Tripura girl’s account was hacked to prove her Anti-National
PHOTO : Does a screenshot can prove it's you ?? This account was hacked !

AGARTALA, Feb 19 (TIWN): One Tripura girl Tumpa Deb’s facebook account was allegedly hacked and also duplicate account was made in her name with similar photo to prove her as anti national, but unfortunately with huge numbers of ruling party goons made her viral as "anti-national" through facebook live and instead of police, BJP hooligans rushed to her home at Bankumari and interrogated her, threatened her and snatched her mobile phone, claiming she posted against India, favouring Pakistan. All happened when BJP youth Rajdeep Saha made the whole video live defaming this unmarried girl's image before the society via social media. No police official was present on that time.

 A facebook post by Tumpa Deb’s account was made viral where “Pakistan Zindabad” was posted and also slang languages were used for India, which is however never ever possible for a girl to utter. Later it was alleged, that her account was hacked and someone else has posted this.

Tumpa Deb never posted any odd status in her facebook history, but because she is an opposition supporter she was attacked in the similar way.

Now question is, what is the necessity of police, if BJP youths themselves are doing police's job ? Who gave them right to snatch her mobile without police permission ?  Is there any law in this Jungle Raj ?? Now, where are those women leaders of BJP who claim to fight for women ?

Tumpa is a College girl in Agartala.

Nationwide same situation is going on.

Bengal Police have warned such disturbers after one Bengal BJP leader was caught by police for kidnapping own daughter to create Hindu-Muslim riot saying his daughter was kidnapped by Muslim TMC leader.

Screenshot of a facebook account should not be believed as anybody can make a similar facebook account of anyone and post anything and then deactivate the account.

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