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Jishnu Dev Verma turns a ‘puppet’ of BJP, RSS hooligans ?
TIWN Feb 19, 2018
Jishnu Dev Verma turns a ‘puppet’ of BJP, RSS hooligans ?
PHOTO : BJP, RSS hooligans threatening book fair authority to shutdown SFI's book stall. Photo inset : Deputy CM Jishnu Debbarma. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Feb 19 (TIWN): Son-of-soil, Royal Figure Jishnu Dev Verma also known as Jishnu Debbarma who was chaired as the deputy Chief Minister of Tripura under BJP was expected to be more bold, neutral rather than just acting as a politician of BJP.

But breaking all the hopes of people, Jishnu Debbarma was exposed just as a puppet of BJP, RSS hooligans and delivered “lies” to media saying allegation against SFI book stalls were found true.

A video has been viral where BJP, RSS hooligans are threatening Book fair authority to close SFI’s book stall. They also threatened him saying there is no point of discussion, neither they have come for any discussion but if anything happens in the book fair, then the liability will go to the fair authority.

But the fair authority told them “nothing was found” in that book stall, but later out of threats the book stall had to be banned.

But surprisingly Jishnu Debbarma stated before media that allegation about SFI’s book stall was true. 

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