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PAKODA-JOBS : Biplab Deb’s tall claim of ‘7 lakhs jobs in 30 months’ bites dust : Congress slams BJP’s House-to-House-jobs fake promise as House-to-House cows
TIWN Feb 18, 2018
PAKODA-JOBS : Biplab Deb’s tall claim of ‘7 lakhs jobs in 30 months’ bites dust : Congress slams BJP’s House-to-House-jobs fake promise as House-to-House cows
PHOTO : Congress protesting against unemployment by selling pakoda. Photo inset : Triipura CM Biplab Deb. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Feb 18 (TIWN): Among various fake tall claims, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s claim of 7 lakhs job creation within 30 months bites dust as Govt has failed to fulfil a single promise given to the unemployed youths before election. Either 50,000 jobs in the Govt Depts in one year of Govt formation or Biplab Deb’s promise of 7 lakhs employment within 30 months all have been proven as pre-poll JUMLA of the Bhajpa party. Tripura Govt so far in 11 months failed to fetch any extra funds from Central Govt even to honour the pre-poll promises in vision document, new Job creation remained a far fetched dream.

Chief Minister Biplab Deb in a reply to a Job aspirant on April 18,2018 said, "Interview will be called in your field and on that time attempt for the job with full preparation", whereas in reality, BJP Govt is now  engaged in cancelling the existing recruitments.

Taking a dig at Tripura’s 11 months old BJP Govt, the Congress national leader further has slammed the BJP Govt in Tripura for its failure to generate employment.

Targeting Chief Minister Biplab Deb for his continuous insults to the unemployed youths by suggesting them to rear cows to earn, Borah said, in last 1 year BJP could not generate employment except suggesting youths to rear cows..

Borah was addressing in a party conference organized for Tripura Congress at Agartala and said, Congress members have to raise BJP Govt’s failure before the people and expose their (BJP’s) lies. “Before the Election, BJP promised to give house-to-house jobs whereas after around a year of Govt formation, house to house job promise has become house-to-house cow-rearing”, said Borah.

The statement came from Bhupen Borah after Chief Minister Biplab Deb was nationally criticized when he suggested youths to rear cows instead of running for a Govt job. 

Frustration has gripped unemployed youths in Tripura, specially job aspirants following the ongoing recruitment drought. Even, BJP’s ally Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad has asked the BJP led State Govt to recruit teachers in faster manner. The statement came from ABVP after Education Minister Ratanlal Nath on Thursday in SCERT meeting said that teaches will be filtered tightly before recruiting and unemployment has no link with teachers recruitment. Also above 3000 vacant posts for which recruitment advertisement was given was cancelled.  

The previous Govt eventhough was blamed for massive unemployment problems of Tripura, but time to time recruitments were done and in each week former Finance Minister Bhanulal Saha calling media, announced job creation.

But BJP even though came in power by promising to fillup 50,000 vacant posts in Govt Depts, but after 11 months of passage instead of recruiting Govt has continued cancelling existing recruitments. Pause in recruitment has lifted roars of protest in Tripura in recently days.CPI-M’s wings have marched a massive protest in the capital city Agartala seeing reason behind cancellation of huge numbers of vacant posts under TET circulation. The CPI-M youth and student wings gheraoed the Education office, placed deputation seeking reason behind cancelling the TET exams, but so far no clarification has been given by the State Govt yet.

 There was also no clarification by State Govt about the Govt circulation which said, Tripura has enough numbers of employees and therefore, there is no need of further employment.

But before Election, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had promised that if BJP comes in power, in the first year of the Govt 50,000 vacant posts will be filled up in Govt Depts, whereas instead of recruiting Govt has cancelled all the ongoing recruitments which were going on since the previous Govt’s time. Due to fundless condition of the treasury such problems had been aroused more as Central Govt after the election didn’t release funds for the state much, which it promised before election.

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