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Attacks on media shoots up in Modi era : 11,045 websites blocked by IT Ministry in last two years : Media voice in Tripura suppressed across
TIWN Feb 17, 2018
Attacks on media shoots up in Modi era : 11,045 websites blocked by IT Ministry in last two years : Media voice in Tripura suppressed across
PHOTO : PM Modi visited Tripura. TIWN Pics Feb 9

AGARTALA, Feb 17 (TIWN): True reporting and raising voice of common men via media has now become almost impossible in Tripura under severe attacks, threats from the State Govt directly. Ahead of Lok Sabha Election, pressures on media has increased more and reports came that BJP goons are entering media offices, beating media staffs. The ICAT Dept which is controlled by Chief Minister Biplab Deb himself has appointed 10 RSS, BJP youths without calling any interview just to report to Biplab Deb which media is writing against BJP. All the media house which criticized Govt corruption have been shutdown and few are battling for existence. Already (TIWN) website has been blocked illegally by the IT Ministry in total illegal manner. Recently Tripura MP Jitendra Chaudhury has raised the ongoing media attacks in Tripura under BJP Govt mentioning, Daily-Desher-Katha.Being failed to down (TIWN) webmedia at the American domain, Modi Govt illegally blocked the URL of the domain in India. Also huge harassments were done illegally by police to the people connected with the website.

It has been known that the Department of Telecommunications has asked internet service providers (ISPs) across the country to block over 11,000 websites in the country since January 2016. In a written reply to the Lok Sabha, Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha said that telecos in the country were asked to block a total of 11,045 websites on the directions of the IT Ministry and various court orders and it includes and various state media houses too.

In 70 years of Indian history, no other undemocratic govt ever came in power which attacked the fourth pillar of democracy, arrested journalists, sent to jails like this. However, Modi Govt hardly could stop TIWN popularity, rather Chief Minister Biplab Deb has here burnt own hands who already managed crores of bank balance since assumed in Chief Minister’s position.

So far no other media is able to publish the actual happening of the state.

Moreover, whereas BJP promised to give house to house jobs, it has cancelled all existing recruitments of the state.JUMLA drive of the party has hit the poor people, MGNREGA works has been slashed, medical service has been planned to privatized and Chief Minister Biplab Deb now is busy to advise the youths to open daal-mills, paan-shops etc.

Two of the local body elections were under massive rigging, which state has already seen, people were killed, attacked. Everyday BJP miscreants led public properties damage, setting fire etc. Education system to whole administration was politicalized and finally Tripura has topped in narcotic consumption and also tops in unemployment with record breaking percentage. 

However, being the boldest media, TIWN would be publishing more exclusive news reporting in coming days. 

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