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Tripura Public reject PM Modi, JUMLA Politics failed
TIWN Feb 9, 2019
Tripura Public reject PM Modi, JUMLA Politics failed
PHOTO : Glimpse of Astabal stadium's backside in Modi's rally. TIWN Pic Feb 9

AGRTALA, Feb 9 (TIWN): Eventhough the first half of Astabal stadium was congested, but the second half part of Modi’s rally lacked public support.

Nobody can say the picture was taken long before Modi came, as one can see even the lights are on in the Astabal field, when Modi arrived at 4.30 pm.

As everyone knows, Govt employees were pushed to join in Modi rally today, but yet the field left with huge spaces.

Under 11 months of Biplab Deb Govt, Tripura’s unemployment problem has been doubled, poverty and hunger have gripped the state and massive job slashings are going on including depriving people from the social pension beneficiary list. 

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