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JUMLA attempt to fool Tripura Public Flops : Modi claims, ‘Chaiwala is the Best Govt’, boasts JUMLA Pay Commission, Ship to float on Gomati River : No talk on Unemployment, wage hike
TIWN Feb 9, 2019
JUMLA attempt to fool Tripura Public Flops : Modi claims, ‘Chaiwala is the Best Govt’, boasts JUMLA Pay Commission, Ship to float on Gomati River : No talk on Unemployment, wage hike
PHOTO : PM Modi's rally ar Astabal Stadium. TIWN Pic Feb 9

AGARTALA (Tripura), Feb 9 (TIWN): Narendra Modi's Tripura visit turned a failure as BJP had to fill Astabal Maidan with Govt Teachers and Party Cadres as general public boycotted massive cheating by JUMLA Era. As a part of Northeast visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday after completing his Arunachal Pradesh, Assam rallies while addressing in Tripura, instead of talking on pre-poll promises, from the beginning to end of his speech centered with fresh pre-election JUMLA lies. Modi’s rally was organized at Astabal Stadium in Agartala and Govt employees were forced to join the rally. Amid pathetic condition of law and order, high poverty rate, double unemployment in Tripura in last 11 months, Modi said that the ‘Chaiwala is the best Govt ever the country had, which has placed an exclusive budget this year’. Even though in the name of 7th Pay Commission, employees and pensioners were fooled in Tripura with 0.32 factor hike and effect was given from 2018, October (Before Election BJP promised the effect will be from 2016, January), but Modi has claimed BJP Govt in Tripura has given 7th Pay Commission to the employees.Modi totally skipped the unemployment issue, to whom BJP before the Election in Vision Document (published by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley) promised that 50,000 Govt jobs will be given in the first one year. What Modi said about unemployed youths was that unemployed youths will get incomes by Feni river bridge completion and Gomati river where ships will arrive. Slamming the previous CPI-M Govt, PM Modi said, “Gomati river was in Tripura always but the CPI-M Govt didn’t see that. BJP has seen this and now HIRA is on the right track by it”.

Modi also failed to talk on wage and social pension hikes for Tripura’s poor people. BJP before election promised that Rs. 340 will be the minimum wage whereas social pension will be given at least at Rs. 2000.

“I have inaugurated many developmental projects today. The railway lines, IIIT institution project and across Northeast I have done this. BJP Govt is the only Govt which is working for Northeast in the actual sense”, Modi told the people in the rally.

“The opposition alliance which is nothing but Maha-Milawat are in competition how to slam Modi and who can slam Modi more”, he added.

“The Maha-Milawat public also know that people trust Modi Govt but they are in continuous attempt of confusing the people. They can blame me, but when they are asked what they would do for the farmers, they are silent”, Modi said.

“Whenever anybody asks their vision, they only can shout against Modi. Actually their aim is to make a Majboor-Govt. they don’t want Majboot-Govt as they know if Majboot-Govt is formed then they can not fill their pockets”, said Modi.

Even though it was claimed that an Educational programme has been organized at Astabal, but there was no sign Education at there. It was a 100% BJP rally where all school teachers were forced to join.

At Agartala Airport King Bir Bikrama Manikya’s statue was inaugurated by Modi, but Royal family was not invited and not even 100 people joined the programme. In Modi’s rally at Astabal, Govt employees were forced to join to fillup the field.

Congress ahead of Modi’s arrival, launched a massive protest with #GoBackNarendraModi slogan and black flags. 

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