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Recruitment in Govt Depts stopped in Tripura, resentment spikes up
TIWN Jan 27, 2019
Recruitment in Govt Depts stopped in Tripura, resentment spikes up
PHOTO : Unemployed youths standing before Chief Minister's residence. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 27 (TIWN): Unemployment problem is taking a serious tone with the recruitment process has been stopped almost in Govt sectors.

When already when Tripura was suffering from massive unemployment, with the BJP-IPFT Govt came in power recruitments’ doors were almost shutdown and unemployed youths were arrested, threatened to keep restrain from any type of protest.

In this condition unemployment rate has reached at 28.8% whereas in a brutal move, all ongoing recruitments were cancelled, regardless, Govt sectors and TPSC led interviews.

Almost a year has been crossed amid nil-recruitment. Even though few teachers were recruited but less in number in compare to other years, but permanently the hopes of recruitment has been banished through an official press release by the Finance Dept.

Tripura’s unemployment toll which was 15% under the previous Govt and people voted BJP to power to decrease it but now the trend of unemployment has spiked up at 28%. Since around April month, 2018 Tripura has been in national media for wrong reasons. 

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