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Double wage dream stays as dream for Tripura
TIWN Jan 27, 2019
Double wage dream stays as dream for Tripura
PHOTO : BJP's Vision Document

AGARTALA, Jan 27 (TIWN): Rs. 340 wage, not Rs. 170 promise of BJP left as dream and empty promise of the BJP.

Amit Shah in the election rally said, “It’s not possible in this Left regime that Rs. 340 will be the wage of a workers. People are frustrated of the Govt due to poverty. Our Govt will come in power, we will increase wage at Rs. 340”.

“It’s now being spread that with BJP Govt will be power, then MGNREGA works will be slashed but truth is MGNREGA works / mandays have increased under Modi Govt. We assure we will give house to house incomes, but in CPI-M’s time it’s never possible. Tripura has lot of potentialities, but unfortunately the unemployment toll has increased 7 lakhs 33 thousands”, Shah told voters in election rally.

However, among the above mentioned promises, nothing could be fulfilled by 10 months old BJP Govt, rather MGNREGA works have been slashed, Rs. 340 wage is a far dream rather workers not even getting their wages properly and wages also differ from person to person.

Unemployment percentage has been more than double breaking all national records of statewide unemployment. Tripura not only tops in unemployment but the percentage is 32.2%, which was only 15% in month of March. 

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