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Tripura’s ‘Saddam’ Era : Jirania Police firing victim Sumit Debbarma returns home, exposed Police Brutality, torture in Ambulance by TSR Jawans
TIWN Jan 26, 2019
Tripura’s ‘Saddam’ Era : Jirania Police firing victim Sumit Debbarma returns home, exposed Police Brutality, torture in Ambulance by TSR Jawans
PHOTO : Police firing injured 6 students in Tripura. TIWN Pic Jan 8

AGARTALA, Jan 26 (TIWN): Tripura’s Police brutality under Biplab Deb turned State as Terror Den as Police turned murderer in the case of 6 seriously injured by Police Firing under the order of SP West Ajit Pratap Singh on January 8, 2019. Jirania Police firing led most critically injured Sumit Debbarma has returned home after 17 days of long treatment from Kolkata. Sumit Debbarma while addressing media said that he was not an agitator whome police had shot on that day rather he was just a local went to the spot to check the ongoing, but police fired him mercilessly. Also Sumit Debbarma alleged, police further attacked him in the ambulance and brought him out of the ambulance, slapped and beaten him. Sumit Debbarma’s father said, their house were two times burnt in his whole life and now he just wants justice for his son and whoever has done this should be punished. After Sumit Debbarma’s statement it is now clear that the he was not even a NESO agitator, rather a common man who went to see the burning shops and properties of Madhabbari on January 8, 2019 when a Northeastwide agitation against Citizenship Bill was going on. After the firing Sumit Debbarma had be referred to a hospital in Kolkata due to his seriousness of health.

This revelation however first came after the CPI-M leaders met Sumit’s sister Sirika.

Addressing media on January 18 at Melarmath Party Office on Friday evening, MP Jitendra Chadhury calling BJP and Police as national goondas said, “Already through reports we have come to know about the Jirania violence related deeper issues. We have visited the violence undertaken place, but Gana Mukti Parishad felt the seriousness of the condition and made another visit covering Jirania, Dasarampara, NIT zone and talked to the local people at there. It’s clear that the administration could avoid the overall situation".

Even after continuous pressure for a ‘Judicial investigation’ in Jirania violence took place on January 8, 2019 the BJP-IPFT Govt has been strict to Magisterial Investigation in that promising in a month the report will come in hand. Critically injured Sumit Debbarma is still hospitalized at Kolkata after he was victimized in brutal firing of Tripura Police on January 8 during protest against Citizenship Bill, TSR but so far the Biplab Deb Govt has not ordered any proper inquiry nor took action on the SP West Ajit Pratap Singh and still holding position as SP of the West District. Rather the Govt has been silent on the firing order claimed the whole incident as an “accident”.

Police attacked the ambulance which was carrying critically injured patients led the ambulance to rush from the spot and take shelter in CRPF cam and later under CRPF observation the ambulance got pass from the brutal police. Footage also available how the firing was not done in the air but targeting the innocent people of Madhab Bari. Most injured Sumit Debbarma was not even an agitator but just a local who went to see the ongoing after BJP miscreants burnt shops of the common men and vandalized. No action against police and the BJP led miscreants also raised question on the Home Dept’s role led by Chief Minister Biplab Deb.

Law and order raised eyebrows on democracy in various similar incident with no action against Late Shukhu Gour’s murderers who was again killed by BJP miscreants brutally. Shukhu Gour was set a fire cracker on his head by BJP leaders at Durjoy Nagar (near Airport) on Diwali night after he denied to give donation for Kali puja.

On January 11, NESO (North East Student Organization) members also visited Triura, under whose call on January 8 the strike was observed against Citizenship Bill, but they were not allowed to meet the victims of police firing and NESO has called for “Judicial Investigation” under a sitting judge from the High Court.But so far Govt has only ordered for Magisterial probe and West DM Sandeep Mahatme to investigate the case. The BJP-led Tripura government on Thursday ordered a magisterial inquiry into the police firing on Tuesday injuring six tribal youths, agitating against the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. But all opposition parties including BJP’s ally IPFT have demanded Judicial investigation whereas Govt has been mute over the demand.

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