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Massive protest to be organized on January 27 against Citizenship Bill
TIWN Jan 26, 2019
Massive protest to be organized on January 27 against Citizenship Bill

AGARTALA, Jan 26 (TIWN): Indigenous people led by Congress leader, Manikya dynasty inheritor Pradyot Manikya has called for a protest rally on January 27 calling all sections of people regardless community to join the movement.

The protest to be stage against the Citizenship Bill 2016.

“Tiprajwks As you are aware I have been under tremendous pressure from various lobbies to keep quiet on the Citizenship amendment bill and the shooting of the Madhab Bari incident .Over the month threats have been issues and it seems like many of our indigenous people who are in power are extremely uncomfortable with me lashing out at them”, said Pradyot Manikya.

“Let me clarify one thing to all those who are wary of me - My fight is against the citizenship amendment bill and not any individual . On the 27th of January we will have a protest rally at Baijal-bari, Khowai 1230 pm and I will personally take part in the programme .This is not a political programme but a programme to create awareness amongst us what dangers lie ahead if the bills passed at the Rajya Sabha .I urge all of you to call your friends, mothers,sisters,brothers,fathers in the area and tell them what this is about and come out in numbers to support our struggle . I hope for your support”.

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