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No hope for Fixed Paid Employees : BJP’s crocodile-tears for fixed paid employees before election exposed
TIWN Jan 25, 2019
No hope for Fixed Paid Employees : BJP’s crocodile-tears for fixed paid employees before election exposed
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : Fixed paid employees protesting during CPI-M Govt's time.

AGARTALA, Jan 25 (TIWN): Before the election vast allegations were brought by BJP while shedding sympathy for the fixed paid employees. Through press conferences it was said that Tripura under Left Govt has been the only state which has kept its “fixed” pay scale system up but it has been long 10 months of BJP Govt in Tripura but regularization of fixed paid employees are now dream. Moreover new employees are appointed by the Govt under fixed pay scale system. BJP in Tripura already made itself a Party of Mass-Cheating JUMLA Party. 'Acche Din' dreams of Tripura employees, pensioners now biting dust. No hope for Fixed paid employees too as for TET qualified teachers and teaching job aspirants, calculation has revealed that the exiting TET teachers will get hardly Rs.675 more than they are getting now, whereas the new employees who will be recruited under New-Pension-Policy will get more Rs. 1789 less than the existing teachers under Biplab Deb led so called 7th Pay Commission. Tripura has four pay bands in Tripura. BJP in its promise-documents on 7th Pay Commission had tabled the difference between state, central pay scales. But when the State Govt employees were hoping Central Pay scale for future had voted for BJP the reality turned harsh especially for fixed employees as well as future employees.

Before election BJP mocked at "Fixed Scale" salaries of the teachers but now the new teachers not only will be appointed on fixed basis but also to get less salaries than the existing teachers' salaries.

In Pay Band-2 (Group-C), central Pay Band-1 starts from Rs. 5200 whereas in our state it was Rs.5,700. So with 2.57 if we count it should be Rs. 19789 but now it has been downed. Thus, the new TET qualified teachers will not get 2.57 but 2.34 factor (only 0.9 factor hike). 

They will not lose only provident fund but also to get Rs. 1789 less than the existing teachers (Total Rs. 18,000). Moreover earlier it was promised that Rs. 22,236 will be increased but now Rs. 1789 has been decreased before appointing them (new teachers).

In 14 number promise in Vision Document under LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT it's said : The government will remove job related uncertainties from the minds of the teachers working under SSA and RMSA etc. 

In Pay band-4 it was said Rs. 83755 they get less now it has been seen their salaries to be increased hardly Rs. 4000-5000, whereas in our time (CPI-M’s 2.25) salaries hiked Rs. 7000.

19.68% increased in CPI-M time, but their salaries will be increased only 14.2% but that will also differ for various employees. So they are more guilty than us at least. For NHM, SSA, MGNREGA not a single word was uttered whereas in CPI-M time huge complaints were raised for depriving them.

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