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‘NRC is a black law’, says Tripura Bengali backed party
TIWN Jan 24, 2019
‘NRC is a black law’, says Tripura Bengali backed party
PHOTO : Amra Bangali observes Netaji Jayanti. TIWN Pic Jan 23

AGARTALA, Jan 24 (TIWN): Bengali backed party in Tripura Amra Bangali has slammed the Modi Govt for implementing NRC in Assam, adding from Tripura to Bengal,Assam and across nation the Bengalis are unsafe.

The party chief Haripada Chakraborty also demanded a Greater Bengal creation under Bengal regiment which was promised by former Prime Minister Jawharlal Nehru.

Amra Bangali said, due to partisan today Bengalis are suffering like hell across India and outside.

However, the organization also hit the present Govt of India for making Bengalis lives tough allover the nation citing example of NRC implemented in Assam. Amara Bangali has called NRC as “Black Law”.

They also criticized ‘Hindutva’ slogan as means of sideline Bengalis. 

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