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JUMLA 2019 : BJP’s Pre-Poll promise turned FAKE, No Job Security, 10323 Teachers threaten to go in Jantar Mantar if not regularized
TIWN Jan 21, 2019
JUMLA 2019 : BJP’s Pre-Poll promise turned FAKE, No Job Security, 10323 Teachers threaten to go in Jantar Mantar if not regularized

AGARTALA, Jan 21 (TIWN): Supreme Court, High Court terminated Tripura’s 10323 Teachers were expecting “permanent job security” from BJP Govt, but now uncertain future forced massive protest against BJP Govt if they are not regularized.Supreme Court had terminated the 10323 teachers spotting irregularities in their recruitment in 2017 whereas BJP pocketed the teachers promising once BJP will come in power, the Govt would assure their jobs permanently, but after 10 months of passage no development came to that promise, forced the teachers to go in massive protest. After January 11, the teachers held a big protest and yesterday ‘dharna’ was staged at Agartala raising demands of 1) “Save my Job, Save my Family”, 2) “We want our Job continuation”, 4) We want Justice”. The teachers have announced to stage a big protest at Jantar Mantar if the Govt through cabinet meeting doesn’t come to any conclusion about their future.“We are tensed. We demand Govt should take an immediate decision to save our lives. We have demands of secure future and also implementation of 7th Pay Commission”, said All Tripura 10323 Sangha President Bimal Saha. The 'dharna' which started since morning would continue till 5 pm.

10323 teachers were terminated by High Court, Supreme Court due to irregularities in their recruitment under previous CPI-M Govt’s time, but BJP ahead of election promised the teachers that if BJP is voted to power, then the teachers problems will be sorted out forever, but now with no development about their future yet, the teachers have announced protest.

Recently Supreme Court on Govt’s appeal, extended those teachers jobs for 17 months as Tripura schools are suffering from teachers’ crisis. 

On the other side, as BJP Govt has failed to find out any path to save 10323 teachers jobs "as it is", now another fake-promise allegation are haunting the Govt back.

The 10323 teachers fist lost their jobs in High Court’s verdict in 2014. Then the previous CPI-M led State Sovt managed stay order on High Court’s order by appealing Supreme Court and after much delays in the hearings, finally Supreme Court also in 2017, March 29 terminated all the teachers but with humanitarian view Supreme Court permitted all the 10323 teachers to continue their jobs till December 31st, 2017.

When CPI-M led State Govt repealed in Supreme Court to extend their jobs for 1 year, Supreme Court extended the job for 6 months on ad hoc basis and finally only 27 days have left for the teachers final terminations.

But before the Tripura Assembly Election, which was held in February 2018, BJP as the opposition managed the 10323 teachers to believe if BJP comes in power they will “Resolve” the 10323 teachers problems, but even after around 3 months of passage no solution was done to that issue.

In this condition both the opposition CPI-M and Congress have asked the BJP Govt to resolve the teachers’ problems as soon as possible as they promised to do that in their Vision Document.

BJP Govt then appealed in Supreme Court to extend the teachers jobs beyond June 30, 2018 for more 2 years. BJP to urge Supreme Court to extend those teachers jobs till 2020, 30th June and SC also extended for 17 months to control the teachers crisis.

But as so far no development has come regarding their regularization, the teachers have launched a massive protest schedule. 

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