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TBSE former President slams Modi Govt on No Detention Policy
TIWN Jan 20, 2019
TBSE former President slams Modi Govt on No Detention Policy
PHOTO : TBSE Former President Mihir Deb addressing media at Agartala Press Club. TIWN Pic Jan 20

AGARTALA, Jan 20 (TIWN): Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE) former President Mihir Deb has slammed the Modi Govt for delaying the removal of ‘No Detention Policy’ for long four years.

Mihir Deb said, the No Detention Policy is hugely affecting the Education quality nationwide and also Tripura is affected by it.

Displaying Govt of India’s Education policy related data, Mihir Deb said that the data itself says that No-Detention-Policy is deteriorating the education quality.

“When the study report says that No Detention is affecting education system, but one line’s amendment can not be implemented by the Govt, whereas at night through cabinet by-pass decisions are being taken”, said Mihir Deb signaling passing of Citizenship Bill in emergency.

Mihir Deb also cited examples of few of Tripura students’ quality who after passing class-8 can’t write own names, few can not identify the alphabets and few Class-8 students can’t solve Class-5 mathematics, demanding immediate removal of no-detention-policy.

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