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10 BJP youths’ recruitment as IT persons without Interviews : CPI-M hits BJP Govt for violating SC/ST reservation system, demands re-recruitment
TIWN Jan 20, 2019
10 BJP youths’ recruitment as IT persons without Interviews : CPI-M hits BJP Govt for violating SC/ST reservation system,  demands re-recruitment
PHOTO : Unemployed youths gathered at Astabal stadium. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 20 (TIWN): CPI-M MP Jitendra Chaudhury has slammed ruing BJP for recruiting 10 IT persons without any interview and violating reservation system. The MP further has demanded re-recruitment of 10 employees though proper recruitment system under transparent policy. Addressing media, MP Jitendra Chaudhury said, “I heard that Chief Minister now a days telling all that people no more come to him for jobs to mean that everything is transparent under his govt. However when no recruitment is there, no question of transparency comes.The controversy erupted after 10 youths were recruited in Secretariat under Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s recommendation. The 10 persons who were recruited as IT persons are : 1) Sonali Acharjee, 2) Anupam Paul, 3) Satyabrata Sharma, 4) Ashim Kumar Das, 5) Rakesh Dey, 6) Bulti Das, 7) Saptadip Majumder, 8) Chandan Debnath, 9) Sanat Debnath, 10) Tanmoy Dey.

All of them worked for BJP in the Assembly Election and allegedly Biplab Deb is using the IT persons for political gains and fraud-activities. 

Tripura’s unemployment percentage is now 28.8%, highest in whole country which was in March-2018 only 15%. Before election, through written form, laid in Vision Document, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley promised that 50,000 vacant posts will be filled up in the first year of BJP’s Vision Document. Not only this, the Vision Document itself was BJP’s -year target as Vision Document was titled as “Tripura Vision Document 2018”, whereas 2019 has been started.

Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt has published its monthly unemployment report numbering Tripura in the topmost position with 28.8% in December, 2018. However, the new year has started with more deadly consequences of the new Govt. After cancelling 11 recruitments before a month, now Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) has cancelled more 18 recruitments on yesterday.  The cancellation was done in a notification on January 2nd, which were earlier in postponing status.Among the cancelled recruitments important recruitments are : Veterinary Office (18/ 2017), Industry & Commerce (21/ 2017), Speech Educator in Education Dept (03/ 2018), Health & Social Welfare (23/ 2017), Computer examination (8/ 2017). Earlier more 11 recruitments were cancelled as :  1) Assistant Professor in Law, Tripura Govt. Law College under Education (Higher) Department, Govt. of Tripura, 2) Statistical Inspector, under Labour Department, Govt. of Tripura, 3) Inspector of Factories in the Factories & Boilers Organization under Labour Department, Govt. of Tripura, 4) Scientific Officer under PWD (DWS), Govt. of Tripura, 5) Inspector of Boilers in the Factories & Boilers Organization under Labour Department, Govt. of Tripura, 6) Principal, Technical (Engineering) Degree College (i.e. TIT) Tripura under Education (Higher) Department, Govt. of Tripura,7) Curator, Tripura State Museum under the Education (Higher) Department, Govt. of Tripura, 8) Principal, College of Teacher Education (CTE) under the Education (Higher) Department, Govt. of Tripura, 9) Lecturer, Diploma Level Technical Institutions in Tripura Under Education (Higher) Department, Govt. of Tripura, 10) Sub-Inspector of Excise under Excise organization, Finance Department, Govt. of Tripura, 11) Agriculture Officer TAFS under the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Tripura. 

BJP before the election had promised to recruit 50,000 unemployed youths in 50,000 vacant posts, but after the election, the Govt is going just in the opposite direction. 

Instead of recruiting, BJP Govt has cancelled all existing recruitments. Most surprisingly Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) which is autonomous body, has cancelled many recruitments, which were going since two years.

Finance Dept in notification No.F 9 (2) FIN (G)/ 2017/ 711 dated December 17, 2018 said that Tripura having the “highest numbers of Govt employees” and there is no need of any more Govt employee unless the posts are vacated by surrender or retirement. The order said, “Tripura has the highest level of Govt employment in the country. The level of employment is double in Tripura in compare to the states like Meghalaya. Needless to say, there is need to be extremely prudent in the matter of further recruitments”. 

The notification further says, “Creation of posts will be strictly depend of availability with budgetary resources with Department concerned. Each dept has a number of posts created in the past, which are vacant and no longer required. Hence whenever a department submits a proposal of post creation it should be accompanied with surrender/ abolition of posts with equivalent financial  implications”. In the order it was also mentioned if rules are not followed, then dire consequences will be seen and already Education Dept was issued with a fresh notice for show-cause.

BJP’s pre-poll promises turned JUMLA, now under media rage and social media rage. 8882271955 number was given to unemployed youths by BJP saying, it will give them job once they give one missed-call in it, but after 10 months of passage this 8882271955 number is saying switched off.

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